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Stadia Sports are a proud manufacturer of high-quality tennis posts, which are widely considered to be the finest tennis posts in the world.

Our innovative winder mechanism is one of the strongest available and offers an internal connection to the headline. This means wires are fed through the post rather than around it which eliminates problems such as tangling and more.

The posts themselves are available in various sizes, styles and with different fittings to suit your application and use. Some of these options include socketed tennis posts, freestanding tennis posts, grass court fittings or varnished timber to cater for any possible situation.

They’re also available in square or round variations and are usually manufactured from steel. The posts hold the net to the correct height using a winder mechanism to tension the net.

Our freestanding tennis posts are a highly popular choice and are the ideal alternative to socketed posts. They’re used where sockets are not possible due to temporary play, such as multi-use games areas.

We commonly supply our freestanding tennis posts with wheels so they can be easily moved for storage.

If you’d like to find out more about our tennis posts, we encourage you to get in touch with us by calling 01782 571 719. Alternatively, you can browse the entire range of tennis equipment to find the perfect product for you.

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  1. Square Steel Tennis Posts
    Square Steel Tennis Posts
    Special Price £225.00 RRP £294.00
  2. Square Steel Tennis Posts with Flip Top Lids
    Square Steel Tennis Posts with Flip Top Lids
    Special Price £240.00 RRP £306.00
  3. Round Steel Tennis Posts - Grass Court
    Steel Tennis Posts - Grass Court
    Special Price £339.00 RRP £370.00
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