Tennis Court Equipment Suppliers

Stadia Sports provide a range of tennis court equipment including tennis poststennis nets, umpire chairs, scoreboards and windbreaks. This wide range of tennis court supplies ensures you have all of the necessities you require.

Tennis posts and nets are inevitably essential to any tennis court. Our range includes nets for beginners through to professional level.

  • Windbreaks provide shelter from the weather and can also be used for advertising around a tennis court.
  • Scoreboards are always a popular addition to any tennis court, as they provide an easy way to keep track of proceedings. Our flip-over tennis scoreboards are extremely popular.
  • Tennis racketsand balls can vastly influence the quality of a game. You can always trust top brands such as Dunlop, Slazenger and Mantis, whom we are proud to supply.
  • A tennis ball retriever saves you from bending down to pick up any loose balls. Simply push the retriever over the top of the balls to fill up the basket.

It’s important that you have a complete range of court equipment in a quality suited to your budget, application and frequency of use.

Stadia Sports are proud to stock our own brand of high-quality tennis court supplies alongside the best external manufacturers within the industry.

If you’d like to find out more about our tennis post accessories, we encourage you to get in touch with us by calling 01782 571 719. Alternatively, you can browse the entire range of tennis equipment to find the perfect product for you.

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  1. Heavy Duty Cricket Netting
    Heavy Duty Cricket Netting
    Special Price £1.95 RRP £2.26
  2. Court Scorer
    Court Scorer
  3. Grass Court Marking Pins
    Grass Court Marking Pins
  4. Wooden Tennis Scoreboard
    Wooden Tennis Scoreboard
  5. Tennis Court Number Plates
    Tennis Court Number Plates
  6. Wooden Umpire's Chair
    Wooden Umpire's Chair
    Special Price £399.00 RRP £545.00
  7. Windbreak Spares - Plastic Fixing Clip
    Windbreak Spares - Plastic Fixing Clip
  8. Metal Fixing Clip
    Metal Fixing Clip
  9. Printing on Windbreaks - 60cm High Lettering
    Printing on Windbreaks - 60cm High Lettering
  10. Printing on Windbreaks - 30cm High Lettering
    Printing on Windbreaks - 30cm High Lettering
  11. Superior Finish Green Windbreaks
    Superior Finish Green Windbreaks
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