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Tennis Court Equipment

A Simple Guide To Tennis Nets

The most important product available from tennis court equipment suppliers is the tennis net. Many types are available throughout the world ranging in quality, but a few common themes exist. The below is a simple guide explaining the differences of tennis court equipment supplies.

1 - Twine Thickness - A general rule is the thicker the twine, the longer the net will last. Different manufacturers can use different qualities of twine and there are different ways to prepare, which is why brands such as Edwards can claim they produce the world's finest tennis nets due to the quality of netting used and the experience of preparing and stitching the netting.

2 - Headband Material - Are available using different qualities of polyester. The standard option and usually the cheapest is a vinyl coated polyester headband. They use the lowest quality material of the options available, but due to the vinyl coating is hard wearing and ideal for public areas. Another popular option is the standard polyester headband which is the popular option for most tennis clubs and private courts. The fabric feel of the headband is generally preferred by most players. The third option is known as a premium polyester headband is the top choice for professional clubs and event such as the Wimbledon Championship. The headband is bright white which aids visibility of the top of the net.

3 - Double/Quad Stitching - Refers to the number of rows of stitching connecting the headband to the actual net. Put simply, 4 (quad) rows of stitching is stronger than 2 (double).

4 - Double Netting Top - Is when the net is folded back on itself by the headband for the first 6 meshes. This is the area of the net that is likely to take the most impact from the ball so a double section of netting will last much longer than a single.

However, taking all four points into account, one major variable remains. Various manufacturers will offer different standards of netting twine quality, varying quality of stitching and different ways in which the nets are prepared. Due to this variable, you must only compare nets of different specifications against their own brand as a high quality double stitched headband will be stronger than a poor quality quad stitched headband. Quality brands such as Edwards Sports & Stadia Sports will ensure high specifications products are supplied.

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