Tennis Equipment

Top 10 Products Available From Tennis Equipment Suppliers

1 - Tennis Nets - Available with vinyl or polyester headbands, tennis nets are supplied from economy standard to those used in the Wimbledon Championship with everything in-between.

2 - Socketed Tennis Posts - Available in square or round variations, usually manufactured from steel, the posts hold the net to the correct height using a winder mechanism to tension the net.

3 - Freestanding Tennis Posts - As an alternative to socketed posts, freestanding posts can be supplied for surfaces where sockets are not possible such as multi use games areas. These are commonly supplied with wheels so they can be easily moved for storage.

4 - Net Centre Strap and Anchor - Ensures the net is set to the correct height fixed to the ground with a ground socket with eye or a hard court ground base for a freestanding alternative.

5 - Umpires Chair - Usually supplied in timber and occasionally in steel or aluminium. Should always be supplied complete with a seat and a desk.

6 - Windbreaks - Provide shelter from windy conditions with exposed fence lines, plus also provide some shade from sunlight. Windbreaks vary in thickness to provide varying shade, usually either 50% or 70% shade. Supplied with eyelets as standard to attach to the fencing. Windbreaks can also be used to print logos or words for advertising.

7 - Scoreboards - Available from simple flip-over boards to high tech digital boards, the ability to keep score is essential in any match. The flip-over board that fix's to the tennis posts are extremely popular.

8 - Rackets - Rackets vary greatly with quality but you can always trust top brands such as Dunlop, Slazenger or Mantis to provide quality equipment.

9 - Balls - Again similar to rackets, quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but if you stick with the brands, quality products will be supplied.

10 - Tennis Ball Retriever -tennis equipment suppliers sell these to save you from bending down to pick up all loose balls, simply push the retriever over the top of the balls to fill the basket.