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Spacesaving Table Tennis Tables For Schools

Table tennis equipment suppliers will almost always offer a range of tables to suit different customer's needs. But what key features apply for a school.

In schools all over the UK, space is ever reducing, particularly storage space indoors. A table tennis table is a large piece of equipment that will be used during specific classes and is not needed continually. It therefore needs to be stored away creating 2 problems.

Firstly storage space, a table needs to take up as little storage space as possible. Manufacturers now know this and tables such as a 'compact' or 'easifold' table take up as little room as possible. They collapse and store vertically which takes up minimal space in a typical storeroom.

The second problem is time. Time is as precious to schools as space so teachers need to be able to set up and after use collapse a table as quickly as possible moving it quickly back into storage. Similarly to the above, the 'compact' and 'easifold' tables are made with speed in mind and are ideal for this situation.

With the sport increasing in popularity, these new style tables are ideal for schools.

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