Stadium Hammer Cage


Stadium hammer or discus cage which conforms to UKA specifications.

The stadium hammer throw cage is perfect for hammer throw and discus. Can be used in both training and competative scenarios.


  • Single Circle Specification - 8 posts.
  • Double Circle Specification - 9 posts.
  • Suitable for hammer and discus.
  • Conforms to UKA specifications.
  • Using 7m high telescopic posts all round with 9m high gates.
  • All metalwork is fully galvanized.
  • Posts 80mm x 80mm x 6mm steel at bottom, 60mm x 60mm x 4mm steel at top.
  • Post sockets 1m deep pegged at 890mm.
  • Gates, 40mm x 40mm x 4mm steel at top, 50mm x 50mm x 3mm steel at bottom.
  • 2 gate post anchors per gate post.
  • Complete with gates, 5mm green knotless netting throughout, all stays and supports.

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