Spray Paint Line Marker - Hard Surfaces


A sturdy line marking machine, suitable for hard surfaces with outstanding features for a crisp, straight line every time.

Excl. VAT £99.00 Incl. VAT £118.80


Robust, easy to use machine with smooth trigger action, suitable for use on hard surfaces.


  • Comfortable handle and easy to use trigger.
  • Adjustable stripe width 2.5" to 4.5".
  • Body made of hi-impact plastic for years of use.
  • Area to store spare cans.
  • Speed indicator helps you keep your speed constant.
  • Windscreen keeps stripes crisp even on windy days.
  • Guide arrow keeps lines straight.
  • Weighted front end keeps stripes straight every time.
  • Kan Shakers™ let the wheels shake the cans.

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