Sportshall Repairs & Modifications

Stadia Sports team of engineers are fully qualified and vastly experienced to carry out any repair or modification in your sportshall. Whether you have a problem with your nets jamming in the trackway or your basketball goal motor has stopped working, our team can carry out any work required. Our team spends most of their working hours in sportshalls, so there is almost nothing that they haven't seen and fixed previously.

We can carry out almost any Sportshall Repair, such as:

  • Damaged basketball goals
  • Jamming cricket or division nets
  • Repairing torn or damaged nets
  • Broken scoreboards
  • Damaged rebound boards

Plus much more...

We can also provide modifications to your sportshall and even advise should you need it. Examples of such work can be:

  • Upgrading the performance of a basketball goal
  • Adding new or additional netting such as cricket netting or spectator netting
  • Installation of additional equipment such as bowlers end curtains on cricket netting
  • Professional removal and reinstallation of netting (during any works to keep the netting clean)
  • Extension of trackways to increase cricket bay length

Plus almost anything else that may be required...

Delivery Message

Stadia Sports delivery times and costs are based on "bands". More information on Stadia's delivery bands can be found on the delivery information page.