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Rugby Training Equipment

Using training equipment to coach tackling

Many people are attracted to playing rugby when they watch a game and see the hard, physical tackling that takes place. As well as being a key reason for people participating in the sport, effective tackling and ability in a contact situation can often be the difference between winning and losing.

The use of rugby training equipment such as tackle bags can help to coach players of all ages to tackle effectively and successfully. When a player's understanding and execution of tackling increases, the game will become more enjoyable and safer for them.

Rugby tackle bags form a key part of any tackling training drill and they are a versatile and relatively inexpensive piece of training equipment that all clubs and schools should own. They consist of compressed foam with a PVC covering that offer a person sized target for players to tackle. There are many coaching drills that can be performed to ensure variety and a full range of game situations are covered.

Whilst these pieces of training equipment are relatively inexpensive, they need to be looked after correctly to ensure longevity and safety. They need to be carried to and from the pitch or training area and not dragged along the. Dragging them will damage the PVC cover and the seams at the bottom of the tube. This will leads to the foam becoming exposed and eventually wearing away.

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