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Stadia Sports offer an extensive range of rugby posts, each designed and manufactured by our team of experts. We can assure you that with our large variety, we have rugby goal posts to suit all individual customer needs.

The range includes both aluminium rugby posts and steel rugby posts with either socketed or hinge fixings. Each type of post can be adapted for beginners, seniors and professional play, making them great for many applications.

We also stock a set of UPVC rugby posts from Samba. These Samba rugby posts offer the practicality of two sports in one piece of equipment, meaning they're suitable for training grounds that allow for football play one day and the next, rugby play.

Combination rugby goals are an affordable, multi-purpose piece of equipment that has gained huge popularity in schools, leisure centres and more. To find out which rugby post you should choose, we recommend that you take a look through our rugby post buyer’s guide.

For grounds looking to upgrade their existing posts, we supply hinge adaptors that can convert your socketed rugby goal posts into hinged rugby posts retrospectively, should you wish to transport them.

All our rugby posts are supplied with ground sockets (sometimes referred to as sleeves), which need to be set into concrete for maximum stability. They also come with a cap to cover the socket when not in use to remove a potential trip hazard.

If you’d like to find out more about the extensive range of rugby posts, we encourage you to browse our individual product ranges below or alternatively, get in touch with us by calling 01782 571 719 or emailing

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  1. Steel Rugby Posts - Socketed
    Steel Rugby Posts - Socketed
    From £703.00
  2. Steel Rugby Posts - Hinged
    Steel Rugby Posts - Hinged
    Special Price From £1,041.00 RRP £1,067.00
  3. Aluminium Rugby Posts - Socketed
    Aluminium Rugby Posts - Socketed
    From £1,054.00
  4. Aluminium Rugby Posts - Hinged
    Aluminium Rugby Posts - Hinged
    From £1,366.00
  5. Professional Aluminium Rugby Posts
    Professional Aluminium Rugby Posts
    Special Price From £1,707.00 RRP £1,751.00
  6. Heavyweight Steel Rugby Posts
    Heavyweight Steel Rugby Posts
    Special Price From £1,296.00 RRP £1,364.00
  7. Samba Mini Combination Post
    Samba Mini Combination Post
    Special Price £153.95 RRP £192.50
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