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Rugby Pitchside Equipment

You’ve got your goals and balls and the teams are ready to play! But what other rugby equipment might you need pitchside? Here at Stadia Sports, we’ve got all options covered.

Ball Stop Nets
Is your pitch next to a road? Or, is Mrs Smith chasing you out of her garden after having to retrieve a stray ball? A ball stop net is the answer. We can supply steel or aluminium posts to hang our netting from and stop any misplaced kicks disappearing into the distance. The posts are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 metre heights as standard. All posts come complete with a pulley system that allows you to lower and raise the net as required.

Dugout Shelters
When it’s a cold, wet and windy winter morning, an umbrella on the touchline is not the solution. Instead, you can use one of our dugouts to get the manager and subs out of the cold weather. We supply standard solutions for up to 12 people but our in-house manufacturing team can create bespoke options for even more people, making us the obvious choice for your dugouts.

Boot Scrapers
Keep changing rooms clean by having players wipe their boots on our specially designed boot scraper on exit from the pitch, or on entry if they’re playing on artificial turf. We’ve got all options covered! Our range include brushes only, brushes and blades, single person use, multi-person use, on ground and raised.

Pitchside Furniture
Every public space needs furniture. Traffic flow, safety precautions, waste, comfort and more all need to considered in public spaces. Being part of Broxap Ltd, the UK’s leading street furniture provider, means we have a massive array of litter bins, public barriers and bollards, shelters, seats and signage.

Browse our full range below, and if you’d like a friendly chat with one of our specialists, give us a call on 01782 571 719, or email

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