Rugby Equipment

As trusted rugby equipment suppliers we design and manufacture only the highest quality rugby equipment in the UK. Our choice of rugby equipment for sale comprises of rugby posts and rugby goals, rugby bags, rugby ball inflators, rugby post accessories, and other rugby gear.

Each product is built to last and withstand regular wear and tear, no matter the level of the game. Plus, with rugby often being a high impact sport, we’ve developed our products so that our supply of rugby gear will protect both the players and the equipment itself.

For those looking for rugby equipment for schools where players are new to the game, we have everything they’ll need in our rugby pitch equipment section.

We’re passionate about bringing you rugby equipment that you’ll love and that’s right for you. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering helpful buyer’s guides, as well as having a dedicated team of experts with great product knowledge to help you find the best rugby equipment.

If you’d like to find out more about the extensive range of rugby gear, we encourage you to browse our individual product ranges below or alternatively, get in touch with us by calling 01782 571 719 or emailing

Rugby Posts

Rugby Post Accessories

Rubgy Pitchside Equipment

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  1. Aluminium Rugby Posts - Hinged
    Aluminium Rugby Posts - Hinged
    From £1,723.00
  2. Steel Rugby Posts - Socketed
    Steel Rugby Posts - Socketed
  3. Steel Rugby Posts - Hinged
    Steel Rugby Posts - Hinged
    From £1,442.00
  4. Aluminium Rugby Posts - Socketed
    Aluminium Rugby Posts - Socketed
    From £1,390.00
  5. Heavyweight Steel Rugby Posts
    Heavyweight Steel Rugby Posts
    From £2,138.00
  6. Replacement Rugby Post Sockets
    Replacement Rugby Post Sockets
    From £83.00
  7. Hinge Adapters
    Hinge Adapters
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