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What Rugby Goal do you need?

Rugby equipment suppliers offer many types of rugby goals, and with these 3 key considerations you can select the rugby posts which suit your needs.

1 - What material should your goal is made from? As with most goal posts, aluminium and steel are the 2 main options. Professional level and clubs with secure grounds will almost always opt for the better quality aluminium posts. Open spaces and parks however, will require a slightly more robust material due to potential misuse so steel provides a more suitable option.

2 - How will the goal posts be fixed? Rugby goals must always be socketed to be safely installed. Goals that stay in place for long lengths will have a standard socket set in concrete which the posts simply slot into. However, some goals need to be regularly removed or certain clubs just prefer to have an easier way to erect the goals. This is done by adding a hinge to the posts that sits flush with the ground and allows the goals to move 90 degree's.

3 - How high should my goals be? The age of the user will help you decide whether a senior or junior height of goal is required. If all ages use the goals, then the senior goals will be suitable as it's only the height of the uprights that increase.

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