Steel Tennis Posts - Grass Court

BX/DC 5202
Pair of Round Steel Grasscourt Tennis Posts (1 x winder post and 1 x anchor post with grasscourt bases and earthworm screws). Specifically made for grass courts.

Our tennis posts are widely considered as the best tennis posts available in the UK due to the superior build quality and longevity. The Round Steel Grasscourt Tennis Posts are manufactured to sit level with the ground fitting into purpose built steel ground plates.


  • 1 x Winder Post complete with heavy duty brass winding mechanism
  • 1 x Anchor Post
  • 2 x Ground Plates
  • 2 x Earthworm Screws.

Please note these posts are not suitable for all types of surfaces. Please call our technical sales team for more details.



  • Manufactured from heavy duty 76mm OD x 3mm thick steel with cast aluminium top caps.
  • The winder end post is fitted with the heavy duty brass winding mechanism with internal headline fitting.
  • A hook is fitted to the anchor end post to secure the net headline.
  • Supplied with ground plates that are anchored to the ground using our earthworm screw.
  • Posts and ground plates are painted dark green.
  • Also includes stainless steel lacing bars that fit on the inside of the posts to keep the net tight and tidy.


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