Rotosure Econo 1000 Measuring Wheel

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  • Compact, foldable measuring wheel from Rotosure.
  • Measures up to 10km.
  • 99.5% level of accuracy.
  • Compact, foldable measuring wheel from Rotosure.

    Key features:

    • Folds in half for easy storage
    • Push button release clip
    • Push button zero reset
    • Kick down side stand
    • Debris removing scraper
    • Follows fine edges
    • Runs in a straight line
    • Balanced in line movement
    • Excellent traction
    • Wheel runs on sealed roller bearings


    • Accuracy 99.5%
    • Measuring distance 9999.9m
    • Increments 0.1m
    • Wheel Circumference 1m
    • Wheel Diameter 0.32m
    • Weight 1.6kg

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