Rigby Taylor iGO Sprayer


The iGO Sprayer is an advanced line marking machine offering speed and flexibility with consistent bright lines every time.

The iGO Impact Gold Line Marking Machine is an advanced, third generation spray marking machine, offering speed and flexibility of application. The iGO provides a high-pressure delivery of Impact Gold paint to the target surface to produce consistent, bright lines every time.


  • Simple on/off power button gives the user total control.
  • Heavy duty rechargeable battery. Can be recharged on the machine or removed for charging elsewhere.
  • Improved assembly protects the nozzle.
  • Holds two, 10 litre 'bag-in-the-box' cartons, allowing the operator to over-mark up to 20 standard size football pitches.
  • High pressure pump provides constant pressure, enabling a consistent volume of paint to be applied.
  • Pre-drilled disc spacers allow for variable line widths and discs provide perfect line definition.

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