Netball Equipment

Which netball post do you require?

An essential piece of equipment needed for netball is the post or goal itself. Several options exist and the below guidelines may help you get the right posts for your requirements.

The first question should be how will the post be fixed? Netball posts have 2 options, socketed which have an in-ground fixing or freestanding (sometimes referred to as wheelaway or mobile). Socketed goals are the easiest option to fix with a socketed concreted into the ground which the socket simply slots into. Freestanding posts can sit on any surface although may require additional weighting.

The next question is what level of game is being played? Professional posts are manufactured from aluminium and can be regularly seen on the televised games. Club competitions usually use a competition steel post, either the 63mm diameter or the 50mm diameter post depending again on the level of game being played.

The third type of equipment used in netball is posts that are portable, these recreational type posts are ideal for use in the garden, and for schools where the post is kept in storage between games.

Stadia Sports are netball equipment suppliers to schools, councils, universities, sports centres and and professional sports clubs.

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