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Volleyball Equipment

5 Essential Pieces Of Equipment For Volleyball

1 - Volleyball Posts - This volleyball equipment can be supplied freestanding (for indoor floor fixing) or socketed, volleyball posts need to be of solid construction to apply the correct tension to the headline of the net. The net must be perfectly straight particularly during competitions.

2 - Volleyball Net - As with most nets in the sports world, the general rule of the thicker the twine, the better the net applies. Nets will be supplied with a headline as standard which can be cord on standard nets or plastic coated wire on the better quality nets.

3 - Volleyball Antennae - Important equipment for volleyball includes an antenna which is attached to each end of the net to allow the judge to determine if a shot was within the bounds of a court.

4 - Volleyball Referee Rostrum - The rostrum supplied with a seat, allows the judge to sit level with the net in an elevated position to referee the game.

5 - Volleyballs - The ball itself can vary in quality from match balls to a basic training ball. A soft touch ball is ideal for introducing younger players to the game.

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