jordan Tatami Floor

Available in: 1mtr x 1mtr Square Tile Wedged Edge Wedged Corner Straight Edge Straight Corner Priced on application. Please call our sales team on 0844 346 0010 or email for a quotation.


Easy-Lock Tatami is the professional flooring that has been developed for the Martial Arts world. This flooring is also suitable for yoga, rehabilitation and childrens play areas. Easy-Lock Tatami features shockabsorbing Air Care System offering maximum protection for feet and joints. EVA material used is highly durable and will last 5x longer than Tatami from Polyurethane. Easy-Lock Tatami is supplied 2cm thick and has a specific stronger lock in the middle for longer service.This floor is designed for use without shoes.

Product Information

  • Modern design
  • Fast installation, easy to move
  • Easy maintenance, fast repairs
  • High durability
  • Air Care System helps minimise impact on joints

Technical specification:

  • Material EVA
  • Dimensions 100 x 100 cm
  • Thickness 15mm / 20 mm / 30 mm
  • Density 160kg/m3
  • Hardness 55
  • Weight 2.8 kg

Delivery & Returns

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