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Hockey Balls

We’ve got hockey balls for every occasion. Dimple, smooth, indoor or outdoor, we have a selection of hockey balls perfect for use in schools and colleges, as well as being ideal for club matches and training.

The first question – match or training? First we need to look at what the real differences between them are. You’d be surprised to know that a training ball is very close in performance to a match ball but hasn’t quite met the required specifications. This could be due to being a millimetre over size, a gram overweight or even as little as the colour is slightly off perfect. This is why training balls are quite often used for PE lessons.

The second question – smooth or dimple? Quite simply, the dimple ball was designed for use on water based artificial pitches to allow a smoother run of the ball with less aqua-plaining. In contrast, the smooth ball is still considered the best option for grass and sand based pitches, as well as the number one choice for indoor games.

The third question – white or orange? Always check with the authority rules as to what colours they allow. Beyond this, it’s much down to visibility. Most still consider white as the number one choice as this provides clear visibility on most surfaces. However, in some situations, orange will stand out better.

The final question – Slazenger or Mercian? Both Slazenger hockey balls and Mercian hockey balls are made to a very high quality and have been established within hockey for many years. This is really down to personal preference. We stock both ranges all available at competitive prices so once you’ve found a ball that you like, stick with it.

Browse our range below, and if you’d like a friendly chat with one of our hockey equipment specialists, give us a call on 01782 571 719, or email

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