Hockey Equipment

Hockey Equipment: 5 Key Products

1 - Hockey Goals - Hockey goals are essential hockey equipment and available in various forms described on our hockey goals page. It is important to select a goal from a reputable brand that meets the British Standard to ensure quality and safety.

2 - Hockey Goal Nets - Similar to the goals, nets should be purchased from a reputable brand to ensure quality. Available in either 3mm or 2mm twine, the general rule is the thicker the net, the longer it will last.

3 - Hockey Sticks - Range in quality from a basic schools stick through to professional sticks, again the better hockey equipment companies such as Mercian and Slazenger offer quality sticks throughout the range, they are popular hockey equipment uk.

4 - Hockey Balls - Two main types exist, match or training. The difference is only small but training balls can often be considered match balls that haven't quite met the quality standards such as maybe a colour defect.

5 - Protective Clothing - Hockey can be quite dangerous, particularly for the goalkeeper. Protective clothing can be supplied as a complete set or separately.

  1. Hockey Goals

    Hockey Goals

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    Hockey Goal Nets

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