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Team Shelters & Players Tunnels

A Buyers Guide To Team Shelters & Players Tunnels

Team Shelters – Most team shelters or ‘Dugouts’ are made from either steel or aluminium to suit a user’s circumstances. Steel is generally used where a shelter will experience heavy use and may be subject to light vandalism such as a lower league football team with an open stadium or ground. All steel shelters should be galvanised prior to powder coating as the paintwork on dugouts will inevitably be scratched over time as coaches jump out of their seats when a goal is scored and maybe a plastic buckle on a coat scratches the inner post. The galvanised finish is much hardier than the paint and will prevent rusting prior to the paint being ‘touched up’ at a later date. The panels of the shelter should also be of a hard wearing material such as PETg UV or at least 10mm thick multiwall polycarbonate. Although not impossible to damage, both materials will resist damage better than glass or weaker/thinner plastics.

Aluminium Dugouts however, are much more durable and lighter than their steel counterparts. They are ideal for enclosed areas such as MUGAs, closed stadiums and 3G pitches. They are far more aesthetically pleasing on the eye with a perfectly smooth finish and will quite often be used on prestige venues. Again, PETg UV panels should be used on these high end shelters and we prefer not to use the multiwall polycarbonate on the high end shelters to allow maximum light through plus again PETg UV does tend to improve the aesthetics of the shelters.

We recommend that all shelters or dugouts are fixed to the ground at all times. At Broxap (our parent company who specialise in shelters and canopies), we have a duty of care that all our products are safe for our customers to use. We are very concerned that the dugouts supplied with wheels available from other manufacturers are unsafe and untested therefore at this time we are not prepared to offer a mobile shelter until a safe option is developed and tested.

Players Tunnels – Players Tunnels have become a standard fixture at the top end of professional games played in stadiums, particularly football. They have become almost fashionable in the game with our manufacturer even supplying a tunnel that rises up from underground on hydraulics. The main function of the tunnel is that it extends out onto the pitch and retracts back into the stand after use. Our tunnels are designed for this to happen as easily and as smoothly as possible using ‘scissor’ joints between the sections of the tunnel. Furthermore clubs can have their sponsor's name applied to the tunnels so that they are regularly seen on televised games.

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