Pop Up Football Goals

Quality goals need quality football nets.

The shape, size and type of goal posts will determine the type of football goal net needed.

At Stadia Sports we have a comprehensive selection of nets available to suit the format of the game in hand – whatever the fitting or fixture.

It’s also important to select a net that is compliant with current safety standards and durable enough to withstand repeated use.

Our Wembley style nets and Premium goal nets are shaped to suit the standard D-shaped (otherwise known as continental) and international net supports. We also have box shaped nets.

We have football nets to fit portable, freestanding or self-weighted goals as well as socketed goals.

We can also supply futsal nets specifically developed for the growing fast-paced game of futsal, which incorporates a smaller goal than traditional football.

At Stadia Sports we have reduced the mesh size in our football goal nets to comply with the new standard: BS EN 16579. This standard covers every size of goal other than senior goals and 5m x 2m goal posts which weight more than 42kg in total.

The new standard’s main aims are to eliminate all risk of finger, head and neck entrapment and to provide more comprehensive guidance on the use and maintenance of equipment.

In response, our nets now come with a mesh size of 95mm for compliance, with nets comprising 120mm mesh size available for full size goals.

As well as knowing what style of net, buyers should always check the size of the goal to make sure they order the right net. We also supply nets manufactured from twine of various thickness for enhanced durability.

Whatever the demands of your game, we can supply a football goal net. Give our team a call today to discuss your team’s football net needs.

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