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Pitchside Equipment

A Buyers Guide To Pitchside Equipment

Boot Wipers – A boot wiper has opposite functions pending the type of pitch being played on. When installed by a grass pitch for example, the players should use the wiper to clean the excess dirt and mud on their boots after the game. In complete contrast by a 3G or astro type pitch, players should use the boot wiper prior to entering the pitch to stop any dirt and mud getting on the artificial surfaces. We offer 5 types of boot wipers, 3 very similar with the Oxford, Cambridge and Winchester all based on a simple hand frame specification but with a variance on the height, or boot/scraper configuration. Our Sussex boot wiper is our heavy duty wiper for those areas of heavy use or likely higher vandalism, and finally the Club boot wiper is a ‘mini boot wiper’ for areas of light use.

Corner Flags – To the majority of sports fans, a corner post is just a corner post, very little thought is given to it but those who organise the games know differently. A corner flag itself is fairly simple, with 1 colour, 2 colour or bespoke options available. However, the pole and its fixings can differ to suit a variety of situations:

    Grass Pitches
– There are generally 2 options on a grass pitch – a ground socket in which a pole can be inserted or a spiked pole. We offer 2 types of ground socket, firstly the club post and socket which is a simple capped tube with a dedicated spring section within the post to make it flexible. The second type is our professional post & socket which is a heavy duty spiked socket, which accepts a rubber coupling to attach the post. When fully assembled, the post can flex on the rubber coupling always returning to the upright position when there is no pressure on the post. The basic spiked post is the most simple and most economical option and is supplied with a flex posts although the flex is limited. These are used mainly in amateur matches.

    Artificial or Hard Surface Pitches
– The usual in ground fixing of posts is not possible here so we offer a weighted base in which a flexible corner post can be inserted. The post is made from a plastic which will flex for safety purposes.

Pitch Dividers – Used to separate individual smaller pitches as part of a bigger overall pitch on multi use games areas (MUGA’s), the pitch dividers have become increasingly popular. As there will be times that a full pitch is required, the divider net must have the ability to be removed quickly and efficiently and the same for putting the net back up when a smaller pitch is required. Our pitch divider is supported at each end by an extra heavy duty post, 3mtr high and using 6mm thick steel box section, which is one of the strongest posts on the market. One post is fitted with a winch to tension the supporting ‘straining’ wire with the other posts having a simple fixing to hold the wire in place. The reason the posts are made from heavy duty 6mm thick steel is due to the tension that needs to be put into the wire at a 90 degree angle to minimise drape in the middle of the net. When quoting, please allow an extra 8mtr’s to put an amount of wire onto the winch. To further eliminate drape in the centre of the wire/net, we can supply centre posts particularly if the divider is over 30mtr’s. The netting is manufactured as standard from 2mm black twine with 50mm meshes to prevent balls from penetrating through the net and has a weighted base aka lead line sewn into the bottom of the net. When quoting, we always add 3% to the length required to allow for drape otherwise the net would be over taught. Finally, the net is fixed to the supporting straining wire using our metal dog clips which we recommend are used 2 per metre of netting. In very exposed areas, we would also recommend that we add extra weight into the ‘lead line’ that is sewn into the bottom of the net to reduce the chance of the net lifting off the ground.

Ball Stop Nets – Long gone have the days of having to fetch footballs from a neighbours garden, as ball stop systems are now used at clubs and training grounds to prevent any stray balls from passing the netting. Our systems are described below:

Socketed Ball Stop – The system is designed to be left in place for long periods of time, and never having a need to be moved into other positions. We can offer this system with either steel or aluminium posts, steel offering a cheaper option but aluminium is lighter and easier to manoeuvre. We offer the system is 3mtr, 4mtr, 5mtr and 6mtr heights as standard, with pulley’s at the top of every post to allow the net to be raised and lowered as required.

Mobile Ball Stop – With 6mtr high aluminium poles mounted on a cross section base, the system is one of the most stable freestanding ball stop systems available in the UK. The concept of the mobile system was for use at training grounds where the ball stop can be moved from pitch to pitch to limit the distance players would have to fetch balls that have gone out of play, and are particularly useful directly behind the goals. The solid rubber wheels ensure that the system can be moved quite easily on grass, or other artificial surfaces.

Stadium Ball Stop – Specially design to protect the crowd directly behind the goals in stadiums during the warm up. The system sits on a heavy duty ‘H’ section base for stability and nets are fixed using pulleys so the nets can be dropped quickly. The bases have 2 solid rubber wheels built in so the posts can be moved quickly just prior to kick off as to not restrict the crowds view during the actual game.

Bins & Benches – Although we need goals and balls to play a game of football, it’s important to ensure that the basic needs of the spectators are catered for. As part of Broxap Ltd we have access to a wide range of bins and benches that we can offer our customers. Being a Broxap product, the benches & bins that we offer are to the highest quality specification. For most sporting situations, 3 bins stand out that meet the needs of most football clubs.

Maelor 90ltr Bin – This plastic covered, steel framed bin offers the most economical ground fixed option. Unlike most plastic bins available, the Maelor 90ltr has an internal steel frame and a slighter softer plastic making it ideal to take the impact of balls and survive any minor vandalism.

Derby Litter Bin – Being the toughest litter bin available in the UK, manufactured from 2mm thick steel and with reinforced hinges, the Derby offers the ideal solution for areas that are open to the public and can receive higher vandalism rates.

Post Mounted Plastic Bin – Although only having a small capacity, these bins are ideal to attach to the outer fence of a MUGA to take the bottles that players unfortunately leave on the floor on occasion. Similar to the bins, the seating is manufactured to a high build quality to stand up to the heavy use that can occur around sports facilities.

Sneyd Hill Picnic Unit – With its timber ‘look-a-like’ appearance, the Sneyd Hill Picnic unit is in-keeping with the rural setting that most sports facilities try to create, although being made from recycled plastic it won’t rot and requires very little maintenance.

Solway Steel Bench – This simple yet solid bench offer a cost effective seating solution along pathways near to sports grounds or just outside MUGA’s where teams may wait for their allocated time slot to enter a pitch. With its fully welded steel design, this seat will withstand the heaviest of use and will require little maintenance.

More information available on other football accessories and team shelters.

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