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Net Supports

A net support is designed to maintain the shape of the modern day football net, with the ‘roof’ section of the net having been gradually increased in recent years to the modern day ‘box’ shape that we see in the professional game today.

There are 3 shapes of football net available nowadays, with 3 corresponding types of net supports:

The net used in the top leagues around the world is the ‘box’ shaped net. To maintain the box shape and without any metalwork inside the net beyond the goal frame, we use 2 posts just behind the back of the net. The nets are then fastened in the top rear corners of the net used a heavy duty twine or strap. We call these ‘Freehanging' International Net Supports’ and are usually supplied in a dark colour as to not distract a player’s attention from the actual goal post.

Prior to the ‘box’ shape becoming popular, goal nets had a short roof section before dropping diagonally to the ground. To maintain this shape, there are 2 types of net supports that can be used. The most popular of which is a ‘D’ shaped support which is actually called a ‘Continental’ net support. These are fixed to the top of the posts and provide the adequate support to maintain the roof of the goal net. The other support that maintains this net is a simple tube that runs horizontal to create the roof of the net but then runs diagonally to the ground the fully support the full height of the net. This is known as an international net support and is only really used on freestanding goals more so to support the structure of the goal.

The last shape of net is a ‘straight runback’ which simply runs from the crossbar diagonally to the ground and requires no net supports.

Net Clips

There are many types of net clips available:

Twist In Safety Net Clip for Aluminium Goal – Designed for aluminium goals only, these hooks simply twist into the channel within the goal frame holding/trapping the edge of the net in the centre of the clip. They are generally used when the net is being left on the goals for long periods of time.

Twist & Lock Safety Net Hooks for Aluminium Goal – Designed for aluminium goals only, these hooks twist into the channel within the goal using a spanner but in contrast to the above, the net is slotted into the hook section of the clip after the clip has been fitted. The clips are usually left on the goal but the net is removed after the game has finished. These clips are therefore ideal when the net needs to be put up & removed on a regular basis.

Expandable Fixed Arrow Head Safety Net Hooks for Steel Goals - Designed for steel goals only, these hooks are applied in the small holes along the length of the crossbar. These work to a similar concept to an expanding bolt whereas the hook is positioned on the crossbar and then the inner tube section is gently hammered into the clip. As the tube pushes into the clip the base of the clip, currently inside the goal expands to trap the clip onto the crossbar, and the net can be hung.

Screw In Arrow Head Safety Net Hooks for Steel Goals – Designed for the same purpose as the above clip, this clip simply twists into the crossbar and can be removed.

Net 2 Net Clips – These hooks can be used with any goal although are mostly used on steel goals. The net is wrapped around the post and then joined together using this clip which gives a neat finish.

White Plastic Net Clips – Used for the exact same purpose as the above, but offers a different way of joining the nets together. These are supplied as standard with the Samba goals.