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Football Goals & Equipment for Schools

As a specialist supplier of football goals into the education sector, our range is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of schools and, in particular, the demanding environment in which the goals will be used.

Quite often in the UK, it will be in those early PE lessons that children show their initial ability to play football - with better players being identified for further development. It is at this time that a school has to ensure all players are receiving the correct education and using the right equipment to have an equal chance to become great.

The equipment side is where we can help. Our football goals are made in line with the Football Association's size specifications. This allows players to progress year by year using the perfect size of goal to suit the average height and ability of players of that particular age (for details on choosing the right size, check out our buyers guide). The same can be said of our range of footballs. The overall size of the ball for an age range is recommended by the Football Association, again to suit the average height and ability of the age range (for details of choosing the right size football, check out our buyers guide).

But having the right specification is not our only consideration. We know that football equipment used in schools has to stand up to a tough environment. Whether it be PE lesson after PE lesson, football match after football match, rain, wind, snow or sunshine, our equipment is designed to be used all day, every day, all year long. For example, all of our football goals are made to applicable British standards using heavy duty materials with long lifespans.

So when you buy from Stadia Sports for your school, you can have confidence that your new football goals and equipment is designed for purpose, and will be perfect for your requirements.

If you’d like a friendly chat with one of our football equipment specialists, give us a call on 01782 571719, or email

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