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Football Nets

Football goal nets: This is probably one area of the game that you haven't really thought too much about.

After all, a net's a net, right? So long as it can effectively fill the goal and catch the ball, does it matter what sort of goal net you use?

As it happens, yes - it does. The shape, size, and the material of your goals will determine the type of football goal net you need, and the scale of the games you can play. Choosing a goal net is a much bigger decision than you might originally have thought. From 11 a side football goal nets down to 5 a side football nets we're here to help.

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Choosing the Correct Football Goal Net

Why Do I Need a Football Goal Net?

Football nets aren't just there to catch the ball. They were originally introduced to settle arguments - did that ball hit the crossbar, or did it pass through? Was that a goal, or wasn't it?

When a football hits the back of the net, there's no question about it: that's a goal.

And what's more, when the ball's caught by a net, there's no need to go running after it as it hurtles into the next field, and no risk of braining any unlucky spectators.

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How to Choose Football Goal Nets

When it comes to choosing your football goal net, your two major considerations are shape and material.

You've got a choice of three shapes:

Box Shaped - This is your full-sized football goal net, the sort you'll see on a Premier League pitch. These nets make use of international free-handing net supports to create the box shape, ensuring that there's no possible solid surface for the ball to rebound against. With box-shaped nets, there's no question about whether the ball rebounded off the goal frame or the framework inside the goal.

Traditional Shaped - With the use of a D-shaped continental net support, traditionally shaped football nets feature a short roof section before falling diagonally to the ground. This is here to clearly differentiate between goals and rebounds.

Straight Run Back - This is your basic football net, a shape that dates back to the 19th century. It's literally a net, hung from the crossbar, and secured to the ground below. These are usually found on amateur or friendly pitches, or in areas of high vandalism, where net supports might not be safe.

As far as the net material's concerned, your choice will depend on how much action your goal net's going to see. 3mm twisted polythene will be good for most games, but 4.5mm braided polythene is the professional standard that's built to perform and last.

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