Matchplay Tennis Net 2.5mm with Polyester Headband

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BX/DC 5036
Tennis nets with a standard polyester headband. Available in 2mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm thicknesses.

Tennis nets with a Standard Polyester Headband Tennis Net. The Polyester Headband Tennis Net combines the properties of vinyl with a fabric feel, giving superior strength and aesthetics.

When choosing your Standard Polyester Headband Tennis Net, you have a few options to consider.

Net Width:

  • All Standard Polyester Headband Nets are 12.8m doubles nets

Headband Style:

  • Double Stitched - Two rows of stitching, the standard for most tennis nets.
  • Quad Stitched - Four rows of stitching providing extra strength and tear resistance
  • Quad Stitched and Double Netter Headband - Four rows of stitching, plus the net is folded over itself twice inside the headband, giving extra strength and sturdiness

Net Thickness:

  • 2mm Twisted Polyethylene – Less durable, but an inexpensive option
  • 2.5mm Twisted Polyethylene – Suitable for use on home tennis courts and general match play
  • 3.5mm Twisted Polyethylene – The highest quality tennis netting – used at major championships. Durable and strong, maximising the life of the net


  • Standard Polyester Headband Nets are 12.8m long


  • All tennis nets comply with BS EN 1510:2004.
  • Black

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