Ground Accessories

As much as a cricket bat, the ball and wickets are fundamental to a game of cricket - likewise are the ground accessories. Without these products, your cricket pitch isn’t easily identifiable and this can be a cause for uncertainty in scoring and lead to unfair play.

Hence, important elements of our complete range of cricket equipment are products such as cricket boundary ropes and cricket crease markers.

Stadia stock a variety of boundary ropes in various lengths and thicknesses. That way, you get the perfect solution for your ground in order to make identifying the boundary, simple and fair. With 24mm, 28mm or 32mm diameter, there is plenty of choice on offer.

In order to keep the rope stored safely and tidily, we provide cricket boundary rope trolleys. These provide you with an ideal solution to easily transport the rope around the grounds or from club to club and ensure they aren’t left as a hazard in a storeroom or similar.

We provide two types of cricket crease markers including our popular, lightweight fold away crease markers. These make for easy storage and enable you to quickly yet accurately mark around the frame before removing it safely.


Alongside the crease markers and boundary ropes, we stock a selection of cricket ground pegs, protection netting, fielding markers, boundary flags and more. Browse the range below or alternatively, we encourage you to take a look at our full range of cricket equipment.

If you’d like to speak to one of our experts you can get in touch with us online or on 01782 571719.

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  1. Cricket Crease Marker
    Cricket Crease Marker
  2. Fold Away Marking Frame
    Fold Away Marking Frame
  3. Cricket Ground Pegs - Round Steel Pegs (180mm x 5mm)
    Cricket Ground Pegs - Round Steel Pegs (180mm x 5mm)
  4. Boundary Rope Trolley
    Boundary Rope Trolley
  5. Cricket Boundary Flags
    Cricket Boundary Flags
  6. Protection Netting
    Protection Netting
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