Counterweight Anchors

BX/DC 2909/CW

Galvanized steel counterweight anchors for securing goal posts to synthetic and hard surfaces.

A 19kg counterweight for anchoring freestanding goals. The product lies flat on the ground at the back of the goal and simply hooks over the back bar on steel football goal posts or connects to aluminium goal posts via a wire and snap hook.

  • 19kg galvanized steel weight with welded handle for ease of carrying.
  • Recommended anchor for goals on synthetic or hard surfaces.
  • Comes complete with a wire and snap hook.

Counterweights Required For Football Goals:

  • Full Size & Youth Steel (4 Counterweights Per Goal)
  • Full Size & Youth Aluminium (5 Counterweights Per Goal)
  • Futsal (6 Counterweights Per Goal)
  • 9v9 (3 Counterweights Per Goal)
  • 7-A-Side & Mini Soccer (4 Counterweights Per Goal)
  • 5-A-Side 12' x 4' & 16' x 4 (3 Counterweights Per Goal)
  • 5-A-Side 8' x 4 (4 Counterweights Per Goal)

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