Why Use Stadia Sports For Your Tennis Requirements?

Stadia Sports offer a massive portfolio of sports gear, ranging from professional level products right through to equipment for kids and for beginners. We pride ourselves on having the wealth of knowledge in our team and with our partners that we are considered specialists in all the sports that we cater for. You can rarely find a supplier that can specialise in so many different areas but over the years we have built up our own knowledge working with our partners and supplier to fully understand the needs of tennis equipment buyers.

As a key stakeholder in the tennis industry and as a member of the TIA (Tennis Industry Association) we continue to invest in product development, particularly in practise equipment or training and coaching equipment, which we consider a vital part of the future of tennis in the UK. To discover the elite talent of the future, we must provide these stepping stones in that being the equipment for kids and beginners, so that as many people as possible have the chance to play tennis. It is the basic and universal court equipment sold into schools, parks and leisure centre’s such as freestanding tennis posts and nets, which you will never see at a major championship, which are a necessity to ensure tennis can be played. Space is very much at a premium in many places, so the traditional tennis posts must become mobile so that they can be quickly moved away to make room for a football or netball match that follows the tennis lesson. It is this type of product that Stadia will continue to develop and invest into.

We also pride ourselves in offering a complete range of high quality products. Stadia provide everything you might need for tennis court equipment from posts and nets through to windbreaks and umpire’s chairs. We can even pull from our Broxap (our parent company) range of cycle shelters, litter bins and seats if that is what is required. Of this complete range, we never compromise on quality. Stadia are known for offering good quality products and it is our policy not to bring any known low quality products into our range.

We hope that you can take advantage of all that we can offer and you can grow as a club, school or player using Stadia Sports as your tennis equipment specialist supplier.