Which Javelin to Buy?

Which Javelin to Buy
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Which Javelin to Buy?

Javelins are the most technical piece of Track & Field throwing equipment with 5 weights available and various flexes. To help identify your requirements for a javelin, we have categorised our javelins into either Competition Javelins or Training Javelins.


Competition javelins are usually selected on an individual’s technique, ability and are very much a personal piece of equipment. Each of the javelins available in the competition javelin range is manufactured from either carbon or steel and is usually selected by a person on their preference. Carbon javelins are the choice for the world’s best throwers which is proven by the medal count at recent major track & field events.

However, certain athletes do prefer the performance of steel javelins to achieve their personal bests. It is common for athletes to carry approx. 3 or more javelins with them at an event as their performance on the day can vary and certain javelins have slightly different tip weightings to compensate for wind conditions. Each of the competition javelins is made to a certain flex. What we mean by flex is if a javelin was supported at each end and a fixed weight was applied to the centre of the javelin, the flex would be determined by how far the javelin bends in the centre. The flex is calculated on a scale from 0-20, of which the higher the number, the greater the flex.

Javelins with the lowest flex are those that can reach the maximum distances with higher flexes best suited to training and beginners to javelin throwing. However, to get maximum performance out of a competition javelin with a low flex, the technique of javelin throwing needs to be perfected. For example, if a newcomer to javelin throwing with no technique wants to achieve their maximum throw, a javelin with a high flex would be best suitable as the extra flex allows for limited technique. As that person then improves their technique, they can steadily reduce the flex in the javelin being thrown and potentially achieve greater distances.


Training javelins are easily identified as those with a high flex number and are ideal for new-comers to javelin throwing or for tracks with multiple throwers who occasionally take part in the event such as a schools sportsday. Stadia Sports best-selling training javelins are the Nordic Comet Javelins which are ideal for this scenario. Javelins are available in 5 different sizes identified by the weight of the javelin. The weights available are specified for certain age ranges and sex by the IAAF and UKA, please check the latest IAAF and UKA rules to identify weight is suitable for your age range.

  Senior/Junior Under 17 Under 15 Under 13
Male 800gr 700gr 600gr 400gr
Female 600gr 500gr 500gr 400gr

Reference from UKA rules for competition effective from 1st April 2014.

To simplify the selection process further, please see the chart available below as a good indicator of which javelin may be best suited for a certain javelin thrower. Using the scale at the bottom, identify the distance that the thrower can achieve on a regular basis. By running you finger directly up from that distance, the chart indicates as a guide to which javelin (and flex) is likely to be most suitable for throws of the distance being achieved.

As per much of our range, we also offer all the required accessories such as javelin bags, javelin tubes and javelin trolleys to move multiple javelins from the javelin throwing area to the store room.

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