Which Discus to Buy?

Which Discus to Buy?
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Which Discus to Buy?

With eye catching colours and various weights available in our Discus range, it can be difficult to select the correct discus to achieve the best throws. However, by considering the level of technique and identifying the age and sex of the thrower, the right discus can be purchased.

As a rough guide, the higher the percentage of overall weight of the discus held in the metal rim, the greater spin can be achieved, less wobble will occur and more carry is available allowing athlete’s the greatest possibility of achieving their personal bests. However on the other hand, to get the best performance out of the discus, the technique of throwing a discus must be perfected. Because of this, there would be little success giving a top of the range Gerd Kanter discus to a newcomer to the sport as performance is highly unlikely to be achieved.In addition, discuses are available in the following weights that are specified by the IAAF and UKA as the correct throwing weight for set age ranges. Please consult the IAAF and UKA rules for latest rules on which weight of discus is to be used for a particular age range and sex of the thrower.

  Seniors Juniors Under 17 Under 15 Under 13
Male 2kg 1.75kg 1.5kg 1.25kg 1kg
Female 1kg 1kg 1kg 1kg 0.75kg

Reference from UKA rules for competition effective from 1st April 2014.

Stadia Sports are proud to be the preferred partner for Nordic Sports in the UK and can offer their complete range of discus. Starting from the top is the Nordic Gerd Kanter discus which has a rim weight of 90%, sides of fibreglass and is used by some of the world’s best discus throwers including Gerd Kanetr himself. The following 3 in the range are the Nordic Gold discus, Nordic Super Spin Brass discus and the Nordic Super Spin Steel discus, all of which have a rim weight of 85% but all 3 have a slightly different build and can be made with either fibreglass or plastic sides, with either stainless steel, brass or steel rims. All competition discus above are IAAF certified.

The training discus range that we offer has recently improved with the addition of the Nordic Discus Plus. This training discus with plastic sides and a tough steel rim is of far superior quality than the cheap discus available in previous years and is the ideal choice for beginners, schools and for training. In addition to the Nordic Discus Plus training discus, we can offer a range of indoor discuses made from rubber for the indoor season or when the weather is poor. Both the Nordic Discus Plus and indoor discus are usually held in small quantities in each of the weights by stadiums and schools for use by multiple throwers.

Our discus equipment range includes all the accessories such as the Nordic discus bags plus a discus trolley to move the discus around the track.

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