What Type of Football Net Do You Need?

What Type of Football Net Do You Need?
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What Type of Football Net Do You Need?

With so many different types and shapes of football nets to choose from it can be difficult to identify the right net for you. However, by understanding the shapes, sizes and qualities available, choosing which type of football net you need will become easy.

Football Net Shapes

The Shape of a Football Goal Net

Traditional Shape Net

 Traditional Shape Football Nets | Football Net Size

A traditional shape of a football net uses either a continental or international net support to create a short roof section before the net falls away diagonally to the ground.


Box Shape Net

Box Shape Football Nets | Football Net Size

The box shaped net is the one you will see on most televised football games and is used at most football stadiums. The word ‘box’ refers to the roof section that extends all the way back before dropping vertically to the ground – this creates the ‘box’ shape.

These nets are used with international free hanging net supports to ensure no metalwork behind the posts is inside the net to prevent the ball rebounding off any possible surface.


Straight Runback Net


Straight Runback Football Nets | Football Net Size


The straight runback football net is the oldest shape of net though, it still has its uses in the modern game. Although the professional matches will not use this type of net, most outdoor park football games will. The reason for this is the net supports on a goal are its weakest part so in areas of potential vandalism such as parks and open spaces, goals won’t have any net supports. This makes the straight run back football net the only alternative option.


Finding The Right Football Net Thickness

After you have identified which net shape you require, our range gives you a choice of thickness of net. In layman’s terms, “the thicker the net, the better the quality, the longer it will last but the more you will way.”

4.5mm thick braided polyethylene – The number 1 choice for any football club or 3G pitch, this premium net is the finest choice for all users. The braided polyethylene gives the net a ‘softer touch’ feel and is used by numerous premiership clubs every year.

3mm thick twisted polyethylene – Popular with most ‘Sunday League’ teams and schools, this all round net is made by twisting the polyethylene making it very hardwearing.

2.5mm thick twisted polyethylene – An economy version of the 3mm net, offering a cost saving to users that perhaps don’t use the nets as often as a league team.

Anti-Hooligan Net – All the above goal nets have a 120mm mesh which refers to the size of the square holes in the nets. We also have the option of an ‘anti-hooligan’ net. Although not fully vandal proof, we reduced the mesh size to 50mm meaning that should someone decide to cut the net, the hole should be small enough to stop the ball from passing through.

We supply all nets knotted for extended life and white as standard. We also have a similar range to the above in knotless and in various colour (red, green, blue, etc) configurations including striped, checkered and other options. Please call our technical sales team for more details.

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