What Type of Football Goals Do You Need?

What Type of Football Goals Do You Need?
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What Type of Football Goals Do You Need?

There are four different types of goal posts, each of which has been specifically designed to suit a different set of needs. Choose the wrong goal post and you might end up with something that’s surplus to requirements. Or worse, you might end up with something completely unsuited for your specific needs.

To help you decide we’ve created our buyer’s guide to types of football posts to help you choose the goal post for you.

Type #1 – Socketed Goal Posts 

What Are TheySocketed Goalposts are the professional standard. These are the goal posts that are found football stadiums across the world but also in parks and school playing fields.  Socketed Goal Posts are made of metal and they are inserted into sockets in the ground, which are secured in concrete.

Suitable For – Single Use Natural Turf football pitches. They’re strong, secure and with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

Socketed Goal Posts

Type #2 – Self-Weighted Goal Posts

What Are TheySelf-weighted goal posts are technically freestanding goal posts with built on counterweights primarily designed for artificial pitches. With the goal being 100% above the ground, to stop the posts from tipping forward, these posts have built-in weights that have been tested and certified to the current British standard. They’re also fitted with wheels, so they can be easily moved when not in use.

Suitable For – Artificial pitches, as no sockets are required. Because they are portable, self-weighted goal posts are also the ideal choice for multi-sport pitches where goals can be moved in and out when changing games/sports.



3G Pitch Football Goal

Type #3 – Freestanding Goal Posts

What Are TheyFreestanding goal posts are similar to self-weighted goal posts, but with no built-in weights to stop them from tipping forward. Instead, they’re secured with some kind of goal anchor, which can either be a handbag-style weight or a chain fixed securely to a fence.

Suitable For – Natural pitches where the goal can be anchored but the goal requires regular moving or on artificial pitches where there is no need to move the post on a regular basis and an anchoring solutions is available (e.g. handbag weights).


Freestanding Football Goals

Type #4 – Fence Folding Goal Posts

What Are They Fence Folding goal posts are practically a goal frame fixed to arms that are connected to a fence (or posts set on or behind the fence). The arms allow the goal to swing out for use and then back against the fence/wall when not in use.

Suitable For – Artificial pitches with surfaces that are unsuitable for sockets, and where multiple sports are played, but where there isn’t enough room to store the goal posts when not in use.

Fence Folding Goal



If you’re still not quite sure which type of football goal post is right for you and your team, feel free to get in touch. Give us a call on 01782 571 719, contact us or email [email protected].

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