Which Starting Block To Buy?

Which Starting Block To Buy?
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Which Starting Block To Buy?

Nordic Olympic Starting Blocks

Starting Block

The top of the range Nordic Olympic Starting Blocks are the premium product available. These are made to be suitable for the world’s best athletes. The specification of this model has the widest centre bar at 100m ide with a total weight of 11kg. Being of the highest standard, these blocks are designed not to slip and the 11kg weight certainly further helps slip prevention. The centre bar is 900mm long to cater for professional runners.


Dynamic Starting Blocks

Dynamic Starting Block


Our Club Starting Blocks also known as Dynamic Starting Blocks are similar in design to the competition model, but with a reduced weight of 5.2kg and with a 76mm wide centre bar. They are better adapted for the majority of mid-level runners.

Being our best-selling starting block now for several years, the Dynamic continues to be the perfect choice for most UK athletes.

Both the Olympic and Dynamic Starting Blocks come complete with handle as they will generally be owned by the individual rather than an organisation, therefore will need regular transport to and from tracks and events.


Schools Starting Blocks

Target Starting Block

Schools starting blocks are designed with entry level runners in mind. They have a 68mm wide centre bar and weigh 2.36kg. The Schools Starting Blocks are adjustable on the centre bar but not adjustable in angle of pad. However, at this level we would expect the users to be just starting their athletics career and when they require the angled adjustments, the user should consider moving on to Club level.

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