Pole Vault Equipment

Pole Vault Equipment
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Pole Vault Equipment

When considering purchasing Pole Vault equipment for an Athletics event, you can split your basic requirements into 5 key areas.

1.Pole Vault Pole

To take part in a pole vault event, an athlete will require a pole vault pole. As UK exclusive distributors of UCS Spirit Vaulting Poles, we offer UK pole vaulters an affordable and easily accessible solution to use what are widely considered the best vaulting poles in the world. The UCS spirit poles are available in various lengths referred to as a series, within those lengths is then the flex of the pole which also takes the weight of the athlete into account for an athlete to get the right bend in the pole to maximise performance. Poles can be purchased to match the vaulters personal requirements.

2. Pole Vault Lath

The height at which an athlete has to jump to allow them to progress to the next stage in a competition is determined by a jumping bar known as a pole vault lath. The lath is 4.5mtr long and made from fibreglass which is regulated by the IAAF. At each end of the pole vault lath are plastic ‘rests’ which allow the bar to rest on the uprights but should the athlete make contact with the pole vault lath it will fall to the ground and the athlete will have failed to clear the set height on that particular jump.

3. Pole Vault Uprights

The choice of uprights available that hold the lath in place range in overall height and budget. We offer 5 types of pole vault uprights with an IAAF certified model known as Nordic Elite Pole Vault Uprights, and 3 IAAF/UKA compliant models with the premium model known as the Olympic pole vault uprights which are used at the highest levels of competition plus a set of training uprights. Many other manufacturers used the Olympic pole vault uprights as a base to develop their own versions such is the quality and design. The International pole vault uprights are the most popular upright used in UK stadiums as the majority of UK competitions can be held with this model. Both Olympic pole vault uprights and International pole vault uprights comply with IAAF regulations. We also offer a Club and Training model which are both popular used in conjunction with the Olympic and International pole vault uprights as the training stands. All 4 models fit the fixed pole vault base which is supplied separately and is precision engineered to be of the highest quality. Similar to other products in the range, the uprights are made and have been developed by the original Cantabrian consultant and are of such high quality that they have very long lifespans and when maintained correctly, rarely need repairing.

4. Pole Vault Landing Areas

The pole vault landing areas are not necessarily going to improve an athlete’s performance, more ensure an athlete’s safety when landing. We offer a complete range of pole vault landing areas, which are sometimes known as pole vault beds or pole vault pits. The range includes an IAAF certified competition pole vault landing area from our Nordic Sport range. Known as the Nordic World Cup 4.0 Pole Vault landing area, this bed is 8mtr x 6mtr x 800mm deep and is available is the standard modular system and as an alternative, as a monocube all inclusive bed with built in spike proof cover which is offers some short term cost savings against the standard model. We also offer 3 either IAAF or UKA compliant beds, all suited to a particular standard or athletic ability. The Olympic pole vault landing area at 8mtr x 6.5mtr x 850mm deep conforms to IAAF regulations and is the choice for the high level competitions. The Stadium pole vault landing area all be it slightly smaller than the Olympic pole vault landing area at 8mtr x 6mtr x 800mm deep still complies with IAAF regulations and is our most popular pole vault landing area for UK stadiums. Last in the range and smallest is our Grand Prix pole vault landing area which at 8mtr x 5mtr x 800mm deep conforms only to UKA regulations. This pole vault landing area is ideal for national competitions where the ability of the vaulters isn’t quite reaching the very highest standards. All our pole vault landing areas include a spike proof cover as standard. We also offer the optional accessories with the pole vault beds. We offer a pole vault bed waterproof cover / rain proof cover which is made from a PVC waterproof material to give basic protection against the weather. An upgrade on the rain proof cover is the pole vault wheel away cover which in essence is a ‘mini garage’. Not only does this protect the pole vault bed against the weather, but also offers a secure home for it having the ability to fit a padlock. These are the perfect choice to protect your pole vault landing area should budget allow the purchase of one. We also offer the pole vault base platforms which are made from wood. These lift the pole vault bed off the ground to prevent water ingress from standing water further protecting the pole vault bed and will prolong the life of the pole vault landing area.

5. Pole Vault Run-Up

The final piece of the jigsaw is the pole vault run-up by which I’m referring to the pole vault trough and runway. The shape of the trough is regulated by the IAAF and we offer both an IAAF certified and IAAF compliant model to choose from. These are also available with a lid for safety reasons when the runway is not being used. We can also offer an installation service to supply and fit a pole vault runway. These are generally 40mtr long by 1.22mtr wide and finished with a Conica rubber crumb surface which is spike proof.

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