Football Guide to Self-Weighted Rollaway Goals

Football Guide to Self-Weighted Rollaway Goals
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Football Guide to Self-Weighted Rollaway Goals

There are a handful of football goal post manufacturers of self weighted goals in the UK. Due to this, there are several ways to refer to them: some call them 3G goals, some weighted portagoals, others rollers goals. So, what makes the Stadia Self-Weighted Rollaway Goal the perfect choice?

Why Stadia’s Self-Weighted Rollaway Goalpost?

#1 – 4 x Strengthening Bars in the Aluminium Profile – Our elliptical aluminium profile used on these goals has been designed in-house, by our very own football goal specialist. As aluminium lacks strength, we enhance it using using 4 strengthening bars inside the aluminium profile, which makes it 2 times stronger than other manufacturers who use only 2 bars.

Self-Weighted Rollaway Goal Post

#2 – Corner Joint – This is the secret weapon in all each of our aluminium football goalposts. Every corner of the goal is mitred at 45 degrees to ensure a perfect fit. Inside the joints is a double ‘L’ shaped bracket manufactured from thick solid steel. This is key to the strength of the corner joint. The bracket holds the goal in a solid position and with having no weld on the joint, it removes any weaknesses particularly when moving the goals. The mitred joint allows a degree of flex which occurs on all mobile goals.

Corner Joint | Stadia’s Self-Weighted Rollaway Goalpost


3 – Mark 2 Puncture Proof Wheels – Supplied on the senior and youth goals, these wheels feature a built in handle to engage and disengage the goalpost wheels. This makes for easy operation and being puncture proof, they will never deflate.


Puncture Proof Wheels | Stadia’s Self-Weighted Rollaway Goalpost


4 – Backbar Wheels – Supplied on small sided goalposts, the rear wheels are fixed to the backbar of the goal. They engage when the goal is lifted at the front and can be very quickly moved in and out of position by 2 people.

5 – Removable Weighted Backbar – All self-weighted goalposts require a rear weight to meet the football British Standards. The Stadia Rollaway goal has this weight fixed outside the goal, directly behind the actual backbar of the goal. This fixes the weight with no movement (whereas similar goals slide loose bars into the backbar as an alternative). Our  removable backbar gives the option that the weight can be removed at any time to transform the goal to a freestanding goal that is to be used with anchors.

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