Your Guide to Goalpost Anchoring Systems

Your Guide to Goalpost Anchoring Systems
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Your Guide to Goalpost Anchoring Systems

Stadia Sports are proud to have been manufacturing and supplying football goals in the UK for many years. In those years we have designed some of the most innovative goal systems available today, always with a consistent brief to our design team of safety first.

Along with the majority of UK suppliers we are members of the Sports and Play Construction Association. This coupled with our adherence to current British and European Standards means you have peace of mind that you are investing in a safe pair of goals.

Safety concerns do not stop there though, a goal is only safe if it’s manufactured to be safe, installed safely, maintained adequately and just as importantly anchored and used appropriately.

There are several ways to anchor a football goal and they can vary depending on their use, portability or what surface they are being used on. A football goal should always be anchored correctly and below is some advice that will help you choose your anchoring method and ensure your goals are safe to use. If you have any doubts about the safety of goals refer back to your installation and user instructions or call us on 01782 571719.

Socketed goals

Once socketed goals are installed you should not have to worry about anchoring as the goal frame should be locked into a metal sleeve or socket which is concreted into the ground. It is always worth checking for play in the sockets and for movement in the frame prior to use.

Freestanding Goals

The versatility of freestanding goals has meant over the last decade they have become much more popular. With the development of synthetic 3G surfaces and multi-use pitches this popularity has increased further. Freestanding goals can be anchored in a few different ways. The goals can also be specified at time of purchase as standard or self-weighted. We talk more about self-weight goals later.

Your standard freestanding goals will need to be anchored using either counter-weights that are fixed behind the goal either with a hook, chain or cable or with pegs which will be driven into the ground over the goal frame.

Counterweights can be used on any surface but are most suited to synthetic or 3G pitches. Once fixed to the goal the additional weight of the counter-weights ensures the goal remains in place and cannot be tipped over, this greatly improves safety and ensures you never need to reposition a goal during a game or training session. Each goal package is designed to use a specific amount of counter-weight and our team can advise on the number of weights needed for your goals. Never use less weight than the required amount.

Pegging the goals to the ground is another option for securing your free-standing goals, but please don’t try and use pegs on a 3G or synthetic pitch. Once your goal is in place on your grass pitch a simple Ground Hoop Anchor can be used to secure your goal. The anchor is placed over the back of the frame, pushed into the ground and hammered in place using a mallet. As with counter-weights our team can advise on the correct number of Ground Hoop Anchors required for your goals.

Self-weighted goals

As the name suggests these goals benefit from a built-in weight system. When your goal is in-position there should be no need to use any other anchoring method, making this one of the most effective anchoring options.

Wheeled goals

Wheeled goals are a fantastic evolution in portable football goals. They allow the user to easily manoeuvre goals on and off a pitch and can also be positioned anywhere on the field of play. Thanks to non-puncture, all-terrain wheels they can be stored away on virtually any surface with ease. This ultimate portability does not mean your goals are immune from requiring some form of anchoring. As with all Stadia Sports goals the options are straight forward. Depending on your preference and budget you can purchase your Lever Lift Wheeled Goals with a built-in self-weighted system or they can be secured with pegs or external counter-weights.

Wall / Fence Fixed Folding Goals

Where space is at a premium, either indoors or outdoors a fixed folding goal system is an option. Our Wall / Fence Fixed goal frame is made from our usual 100x107mm reinforced elliptical aluminum and is powder coated white. The rest of the goal is tailor-made to your specific requirements using telescopic steel swinging arms and complete with wheels for smooth operation.

We hope this overview of goal post anchoring options has been enlightening, but if you require further assistance in choosing your goals and anchoring systems we are here to help. For further advice email our sales team at or call 01782 571719.

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