Winter Checks and Maintenance for your Goals

Winter checks and maintenance
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Winter Checks and Maintenance for your Goals

As we move into the colder weather spending time outside checking your sports equipment may seem like a chore, especially when it is icy cold or damp. It is important though that you at least take a few minutes before each session to check over your goals to ensure they are safe to use.

Simple checks and maintenance can ensure the safety of your team and can also extend the life of your goals which in the case of Stadia Sports goals should last you for many years.

Stadia goals have been designed safe and to British and European Standards and are thoroughly tested to ensure compliance, but this does not mean no maintenance is required. As is the nature of outdoor sports equipment it is open to the rigours of the British weather and unfortunately is often abused and mishandled.

Firstly you must ensure your goals are built and installed correctly. Every set of Stadia Sports goals comes with a full set of instructions. These instructions must be followed to ensure the product is safe and will last for years to come.

Once your goals are in place maintenance is the key to safety and longevity. Something as a simple as a break in a net cord can mean that a player could trap an arm of a leg or even their neck potentially leading to injury.

A goal anchored incorrectly (or not all) can tip over under force which could lead to significant injury to a player, coach, official or spectator.

Daniel is Stadia’s Divisional Manager and has been working with sports equipment for many years “We often visit sites where our goals are being used to find problems that needs urgent attention.”

“At times a goal has been condemned as unusable due to nothing more than improper installation or poor maintenance. The safety of equipment is so important and the school, college or club that provide the equipment for use must ensure the safety of their users.”

Daniel goes on to say “A few simple checks can go a long way to help your equipment remain safe and last for years” Below is some simple checks you should carry out:

  • Before every match or training session check the rigidity of the goal with a simple push and pull of the frame.
  • Always check that your goals are anchored appropriately before use. If your goals are a portable type ensure you have sufficient counter weights used or they are secured with pegs.
  • If your goals have wheels ensure the goal frame is lowered to the ground and not elevated at any point.
  • At the start of your session check that your nets are complete without any breaks in the material and that all net fixings are present.
  • Goals that fold and/or are fence fixed must be in full working order. Check for play in the mechanism and tighten fixings if necessary.
  • Before each session or at least once a week make a simple visual check of the goal. Check for damage to the frame, cracks in the structure or joints that may have come apart.
  • Check that all your goal frame fixings are present, are not damaged and are sufficiently tightened.
  • If your goals have wheels check that the lever lift mechanism is in working order. And the wheels are aligned and fixed to the chassis and not splayed out or buckled.


A few other things to remember:

  • Make sure you educate other users on the priority of proper use of equipment and to inform the equipment provider (club, school or facility) of any issues before each session.
  • Develop a maintenance schedule, record it and follow it.
  • Ensure portable equipment is moved correctly and never drag equipment across the surface.
  • Wheeled goals must be moved in the natural direction of wheel movement and not dragged sideways.

If you have any questions about maintenance or safety concerns please do not hesitate to call Daniel or any member of the Stadia Sports sales team on 01782 571719. They are here to help!


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