Sports Relief with Stadia Sports

Sports Relief with Stadia Sports
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Sports Relief with Stadia Sports

Sports Relief is a national campaign which raises money for people who are experiencing illness both within the UK, as well as globally.

The campaign itself runs for exactly one week, usually the second week in March, and is finished off on the Friday with a spectacular show on BBC1.  The show is known to host an array of celebrities and sporting personalities who will compete against each other in sports related challenges.

Year on year Sports Relief aim to go further than they have ever gone before with themes such as “Step up” which featured in March 2018, and 2020’s “Game on”.


…So what is Sports Relief?

Sports Relief, held every other year, alternates with the ever popular Comic Relief. Both charities aim to raise money for a range of different illnesses and conditions which directly affect millions of people across the globe each year.

In between Sports Relief 2016, and Sports Relief 2018, the money that WE raised as a nation treated more than 900,000 people in Africa with anti-malaria drugs. It also went towards helping the people in Africa with health conditions connected with maternity, neo-natal and child health concerns. On top of this, it also went towards offering over 50,000 residents of the UK help with mental health conditions.

However it doesn’t stop there, since the inception of both Comic & Sports Relief in 1984, we have come together to raise over £1 Billion and invested that into tackling both ill health and poverty all over the world. This has meant that as a nation our efforts have reached over 90million lives in both the UK, and overseas.

Sports Relief specifically raises money every two years by getting the nation involved in sports, from athletics through to giant football matches. As long as you’re getting active, you’re doing your bit.

You can head over to the Sports Relief website to find out which sorts of sports that you can get involved in this year to help raise both money and awareness for this great charity.


Sports Relief 2018

Sports Relief 2018 | Stadia Sports

Sports relief 2018 saw a theme of “Step up for Sports Relief” this theme saw us, as a nation, trying to hit that 10k daily target. People who participated could either run, walk, dance, skip or hop their way to getting their target, or even complete celebrity lead challenges, like climbing Kilamanjaro!

No matter how big or small your contribution, every step was counted towards that 1 billion step goal! Find out more.


Sports Relief 2020

Sports Relief 2020 | Stadia Sports

The theme for Sports Relief 2020 is “Game on” in in the days prior to that big climactic show which takes place on 13th March 2020, nurseries, schools, university & colleges, as well as workplaces and sporting facilities, will team up, kit up, and begin competing in sporty fundraising activities.

With a distinct focus on team sports, such as football, rugby, basketball and tennis. Sport Relief 2020 looks to combine fundraising, sporting fun and essential social interaction and communication all whilst getting the nation moving together for a great cause.

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