Reopening sports facilities after lockdown

Reopening sports facilities after lockdown
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Reopening sports facilities after lockdown

Outdoor sports facilities need regular checks and care.
But after being closed for so long under lockdown regulations it’s time to consider additional measures that may need to be taken to meet the latest Covid-19 guidance.
At Stadia Sports we have always believed in the positive benefits that exercise and activity bring to mental and physical wellbeing.
So we are delighted to see outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts reopening under the roadmap out of lockdown, and the return of formally organised outdoor sports.
After the last 12 months, everything we do now comes with new responsibilities.
Here at Stadia Sports we want to help make the reopening of sport and physical activity a smooth and successful process, to keep everyone safe and boost the wellbeing of more and more people.

Government guidance

Under the roadmap for the lifting of lockdown restrictions, outdoor sports can restart in 2021 from March 29.
But there are still restrictions to follow and best practice guidance to put into action.
Sport England is calling on clubs and facilities to reopen in a coordinated way, being mindful of the fact that more people now value the importance of exercise, but others still need encouragement.
It wants all those involved in the delivery of community and grassroots sports to focus on inclusivity as everyone adjusts to a different way of life.

Return to play principles

Some basic concepts currently continue to apply to venues and activities.
All sports and events should have good hygiene practices in place including regular cleaning schedules, the sanitisation of equipment, good hand washing facilities, and reporting procedures for anyone with symptoms of or exposure to the Covid-19 virus.
Organisations need to communicate clearly and regularly with members, visitors and staff their actions and expectations.
And being flexible and innovative in response to guidelines is also essential. Measures may need to be strengthened or relaxed at short notice depending on the data the Government acts upon.
This includes thinking about participants being safely dropped off and picked up, restricting spectator numbers and putting social distancing measures in place.

How can Stadia Sports help?

As well as ensuring essential maintenance is up to date, there may need to be additional measures brought in.
Any missed routine checks should take place when it is safe to do so under appropriate guidance and Covid-19 secure conditions. This might include grouping volunteers or staff into teams to limit contacts.
Replacement equipment may be needed such as football goal posts, rugby posts, tennis nets or track fittings.
Consider whether it is viable to open all facilities. Do you need additional pitch dividers or support posts to section off areas as appropriate?How about easy to clean spectator barriers or fencing? Or additional litter bins for used PPE?
After being out of action for some time, you may need to look at your pitch and court markings.
We recommend having a thorough walk around and inspection of playing surfaces and facilities. Equipment should be assembled to check for issues such as breakages, and to ensure they are fit for use.

Funding guide advice

Getting grassroots and community clubs up and running again is a priority for the Government and the successful return of outside sports will hopefully lead to the reopening of indoor leisure facilities from April 12.
Under the roadmap out of lockdown, social contact rules outdoors may be lifted by May 17.
Support and finance streams are now open to help bring about the necessary changes and procedures to keep centres operating safely through 2021.
At Stadia Sports, we have put together a funding guide to highlight useful starting points for clubs, staff, participants and volunteers hoping to improve facilities through cash grants.
We also have an experienced team of advisers who are happy to discuss projects with clients and support grant bids by providing quotes or product descriptions.
Additionally, as part of the Broxap group of companies, Stadia Sport clients have the benefit of cross-divisional collaboration delivering even greater value for money.
This includes being able to purchase goods from our shelters, streetscene or Sunshine Gym divisions safe in the knowledge our products are all made to the same exceptionally high standards.

So get in touch with us today and together we can help your outdoor sports facilities make a successful return to play.

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