Raising Funds for your Football Team

Raising Funds for your Football Team
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Raising Funds for your Football Team

Please note - The following content was created in December 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic and many of the ideas suggested may not be compatible with social distancing and government rules during this time. If you are reading this blog during the pandemic please understand your local rules and use current government advice where necessary when planning any fund raising events. 


As we all know top flight teams have little problem raising funds to run their club, there are millions of pounds swishing around in the Premier League and Championship. If you are reading this you will probably already know that when it comes to grassroots football it couldn’t be more different. 


At Stadia Sports we understand the problems clubs face. We hear about these issues almost everyday. Club representatives are always the first to try and twist our proverbial arms to push for an extra discount when purchasing equipment. Goalposts, dugouts and other products may sometimes seem expensive but we do try to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising on quality and safety.


We will never compromise on our quality or our standards of safe manufacture, but maybe we can help with some ideas on how to fund your next set of goalposts, team shelters, training kit or new footballs! Hopefully the following can provide a little inspiration of some ways you can help fund your grassroots football club and ensure your teams are provided with the equipment they need.


Sponsorship from local businesses

This may seem obvious but chances are you have made many calls and been turned down by businesses small and large. The key to creating a good sponsorship mix is to make it clear to a business what you can provide in return.


In this digital age it may not be enough to emblazon the company name across a team shirt. What you can provide that business will depend on what their customer base is. Can you give out literature at a game and what about social media? If you can show a business that you can publicise their business through social media they may be more interested. You can also provide photographs and videos of training sessions and matches featuring their brand that they can use for publicity purposes. Remember think outside the box!


Football Foundation Grants

As we have talked about in previous blogs Stadia Sports are proud to be on the Football Foundation supplier list. The Football Foundation is a fantastic resource for funding of football goalposts and sports equipment with grants available for grassroots clubs to purchase goals, facility refurbishments and even a new 3G pitch. For more information go to our Football Foundation blog or go to footballfoundation.org.uk.


Sport England

Sport England can offer practical advice on planning your sports facility and can help ensure you get the necessary guidance on costs and design. There are options for funding mainly for specific groups and Sport England offered extra funding during the Coronavirus pandemic in order to help sport through the crisis.


Large business community funds

Many large businesses and particularly supermarket chains such as the Co-op have community funding budgets available for charities and not-for-profit organisations, to make applications for. Many food retailers have responded positively to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and often promote the benefits of their healthy food options, some have extended this to help organisations that promote an active lifestyle. You can contact these businesses either via their websites and social media or in the case of a retail chain why not speak to your local store manager.


Parents / Parents employers

Don’t forget the parents! Get them to join in and organise a 5-a-side game between the parents of different teams for a bit of fun and to raise some money. A nice little trophy at the end won’t break the bank either.


Trying to get donations from parents can make a difficult conversation but a simple email explaining what you are trying to fund can often help make the request a little bit easier. Maybe your club’s parents have generous employers who may help with funding. Organisations are often headed up by die-hard football fans who love to get involved even if its just to help fund some equipment. This can be an easy way into a sponsorship deal.



Raffles with donated prizes

Ask local businesses and parents to donate prizes for a simple raffle. If you are feeling confident you can sell enough tickets you could even purchase a prize or two (don’t go mad). A raffle with a large enough audience can make a good funding stream on match day.


Car Wash

If you have access to running water why not run a car wash at your games. Who could resist paying a fiver to have their car washed while they watch the match? Two people can wash a car in ten minutes, that’s quite a few cars during a game!


Selling refreshments at games

What spectator doesn’t want a brew or some food whilst watching their super-stars on the pitch? A simple stall selling hot and cold drinks can be a real money spinner on match day. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, bottled water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and few cold snacks is a great way to start.


Quiz nights

Us Brits we love a good quiz night! A night set-up at a local pub can be a good earner and great fun too. Get some parents involved, put some teams together with a paid entry and when that wine and beer starts flowing, the wallets and purses will open as you back the night up with a raffle too.


Organising money raising events

A great fund raising option for grassroots football is to organise a tournament. If you can get together a few local teams for a knockout tournament and charge for entry you are onto a winner.


On top of the entry fee you can sell refreshments, raffle tickets, charge for parking and even print a programme with local business adverts.


Football cards

This is an easy one. You can buy football scratch cards online for very little money. Sell the cards to parents at training sessions or the match and give out a prize, preferably something that has been donated.


Selling boots that kids have out grown

This one works if you have a club house. As we know kids grow fast and often faster than boots wear out. Instead of parents throwing away those often nearly new, little used boots get them to donate them for the club to sell on to other parents for £5-10. This is a great way of raising funds and its always good to recycle.


Now you have a few ideas on fund raising there is nothing stopping you. Make your next season the best yet with smart new kit, new footballs, goalposts and training equipment. Your team can wear that club badge with pride as they step up their game and fill up that trophy cabinet.


For more information about our products or advice on your next equipment purchase give the team a call on 01782 571719.


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