National School Sport Week

National School Sport Week
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National School Sport Week

The wonderful School Sports Week campaign is held towards the end of June every year and aims to get more children interested in playing sport at school.

Encouraging pupils to engage in sporting activities at school is important now more than ever. More and more children are spending less time engaging in sport outside of school hours and instead playing on online games, which often replicate the sporting activities which they could actually be taking part in!

This is resulting in a generation of children which have one of the highest rates of obesity to date.

Therefore we should spread the word and continue to encourage children to become more engaged in their PE lessons, as well as any extra-curricular sports clubs which are offered by their schools.


The Benefits of Playing Team Sports at School

Team sports have always been an integral part of the school curriculum, however many people speculate on the benefits that it has when it comes to a child’s education. The answer to this is simple…

There are a whole stack of benefits, ranging from physical and mental health right through to the less obvious; there are theories that sports at school can actually help children in traditionally academic lessons.

The idea that children who participate in school sports are much more likely to excel in their academic studies can sound counterintuitive. Sports are often thought to take up both time and energy! However this is not true.

As it happens, the suggestion that playing sport improves Maths and English isn’t really that obscure. This is due to the skills which children can gain from playing team sports. Those who participate in school sports build valuable skill sets which are highly relevant to core lessons such as Maths and English. For example...


Regular participation in sports can help students to improve teamwork and problem solving skills.

Working as part of a team can often be challenging. Therefore students will need to adapt to others and work together to come up with strategies in order to win against another team.

This extension of skills can be then used and developed further in group work within other lessons.


Pupils who participate in sport will develop social and communication skills.

In team sports, students will meet new people fairly frequently as pupils join and leave.

They will often also interact with students who are in different year groups. This means that they will have to adapt their vocabulary to meet a new peer group. This is a great social skill to learn and develop, not only for use in other lessons, but also outside of school.

School Sports Team - Stadia Sports

School sports often leads to emotional maturity which is fundamental to growing into a well-round young person.

Children gain self-esteem and confidence boosts through winning games and receiving praise on their developed skills. They will also learn compassion towards the losing team, thus resulting in children developing their emotional responses.

It’s not just winning, however, that can help to develop emotional responses. Children who play sports regularly will have to deal with both winning and losing and adapt their behaviour to suit that situation.

Furthermore, children will learn how to deal with disappointment and as a result learn how to transfer this into motivation. This will help them to proceed onto the next game, and maybe even win! Again, this is a key life skill which can be drawn upon in both their school work and their life outside of education.


Supporting School Sports

Playing sports at school, especially team sports, can benefit children in a multitude of ways. Children who play sports frequently will benefit from the development of key skills in addition to enjoying improved health.

Participating in sports such as football and rugby will help to promote a healthy heart and lungs. That's because these sorts of sports involve a large amount of cardiovascular exercise - this results in a healthier body weight overall.

We believe that participating in sports whilst at school is a great way to ensure children are both happy and healthy; team sports come with the added bonus of developing what we hope will be lifelong friends.

At Stadia Sports we sell a range of professional standard sporting apparatus at a competitive price suitable for schools. That means we can help you to promote team sports including football, rugby, basketball and many more.

National School Sports Week 2018 - Stadia Sports

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