How Big is a Football Goal : Football Goal Posts Information.

How Big is a Football Goal : Football Goal Posts Information.
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How Big is a Football Goal : Football Goal Posts Information.

There is not just one simple answer to the above question as the size of a football goal is dependent on a number of different key factors.

One of these key factors is the size of the team, for example an 11 a side goal will be much bigger both in width and height than the 5 a side goal. But that is not the only differentiating factor, another is the age of the player.

Therefore, below Stadia Sports have outlined all of the different sizes of football goals, from the goal your favourite team will play with through to ones that you can have in your garden!

11 a Side Goal Posts 

11 a side football is the game which we have all come to know and love. The full size, also referred to as senior size, goal dimensions are 24’ x 8’ (7.32m x 2.44m). This senior size football goal is the goal which you will see being used on pitches throughout stadiums which are regulated by the FA. You may also find football goals of this size in local parks in order to be used by Sunday League teams too. These football goals are recommended for use by players aged fifteen and over.

Within the 11 a side goals there is a second size which is suitable for those under the age of 15 who are playing an 11 a side game of football. This goal is known as the junior goal, or the youth goal and is slightly smaller than the senior size, measuring at only 21’ x 7’ (6.4m x 2.13m). This football goal is recommended for players in under 13 and under 14’s teams.

9 a Side Goal Posts 

This football goal is a relatively new goal introduced by the FA to be used by players under 11/12. The goal measures at 16’ x 7’ (4.88m x 2.13m) and is most commonly used on 3G pitches. It is also becoming increasingly popular in some local parks in order to encourage younger players to get involved in sports outside of training hours.

7 a Side Goal Posts 

These goals again come in more than one size. The first of the two is the mini soccer goal, this is the most popular amongst 7 a side football clubs and teams. This goal is 12’ x 6’ (3.66m x 1.83m) and can be used by players from under 7’s all the way up to under 10’s. This makes it a popular choice on 3G pitches.

Due to the nature of a 7 a side game being played across a normal sized football pitch there is also another option when it comes to the size of the 7 a side goal. Though the second is not as popular it offers a different age range to get involved in a smaller game. This goal is 16’ x 6’ (4.88m x 1.83m). The wider football goal means that this goal is perfect for senior players (over 15’s) who are engaging in a smaller game.

5 a Side Goal Posts 

5 a side goals are often referred to as 4’ high goals. Because all three sizes are 4’ high as standard. These goals are great for indoor play and are often used in sports halls or school gymnasiums. The first of the three goals have the dimensions of 16’ x 4’ (4.88m x 1.22m) and this is the most popular goal within the 5 a side category however there are two smaller sizes available to suit different specific needs.

The second size is 12’ x 4’ (3.66m x 1.22m) and the third is 8’ x 4’ (2.44m x 1.22m) and these can be used in smaller indoor areas or even in back gardens. These five a side goals can be used by the youngest players all the way up to senior players due to the nature of where they can be found. From having a kick about in the garden to getting some extra training these smaller 5 a side goals are great!

For any more information on choosing the correct size goal for your needs check out our Football Goals Buying Guide.

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