Stadia Sports Recommends: Five best couples sports

Stadia Sports Recommends: Five best couples sports
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Stadia Sports Recommends: Five best couples sports

Sports often hold a key place in everyone’s lives. Whether you are an avid football fan, or you prefer to watch the figure skating, you’ll more than likely enjoy sharing your passion for sport with your partner. But why should that stop with watching it on the television…

In today’s society we often regard ‘date night’ as laying on the sofa watching ‘the game’ – no matter what ‘game’ that is – and indulging in high fat food. However, what if there was another way to spend time with your significant other? A way that would benefit both your mental and physical health… whilst also allowing you to have lots of fun too?

At Stadia Sports we believe that sports may just be the answer. There are plenty of sporting activities which you can enjoy as a couple…




Tennis is a fantastic sport. It’s great to watch and encourages so much passion and support amongst spectators. This makes it a great sport for couples, as you can enjoy both watching and playing it.

Tennis is a fast paced ‘ball and racket’ sport. The sport itself encourages a full body cardio workout which helps to increase your lung capacity, improve heart rate and can even help to reduce blood pressure.

On top of this it’s fabulous for weight loss ensuring a high calorie burn.

The intensity of the play determines how many calories are burned so you can either engage in a full on competitive rally – or just have a fun leisurely game for two…

In tennis you can play a singles game which encourages healthy competition, or you can play as doubles and go up against another couple! This is great for social interaction and allows you to meet other like minded people.

Tennis is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, so whether you are young and in love or have been together for half a century; you can enjoy all that tennis has to offer.

No matter how you choose to play you can always enjoy a lovely picnic afterwards including the Wimbledon favourite, Strawberries and Cream! Yum… 

Tennis | Couples Sports Ideas | Stadia Sports

Tennis is a great sporting activity for couples.


This is in no way a new suggestion, couples have been running together for many years. However we feel that it is important to carry on encouraging couples to engage in athletics together.

Running is a great sport to do with a partner, you can set your own pace and engage in social interactions whilst you run. Conversing whilst exercising takes the monotony of certain exercises away and helps them to become less of a chore and more of a fun experience.

Now were not suggesting that running is boring in any way! Running can be lots of fun – even when you do it on your own. But having your partner there to encourage you will enhance your chances of sticking with it.

You can also join a running club or group as a couple too! Socialising with other like-minded couples will improve your social skills.

On top of social benefits, running also holds plenty of health benefits too.

Running is a great cardio exercise! It can help to improve both heart and lung health whilst allowing you to burn a vast amount of calories in a short amount of time.

Making it perfect for working couples!

On top of all of these great benefits, running also allows you to see brand new destinations. You can get apps and/or information online which will help you to map a fun and interesting run.

… Personally we can think of nothing better than exploring new and exciting places with your partner.

Athletics | Couples Sports | Stadia Sports

Running as a couple can help to improve social skills.


Squash is another sport which involves a racket and ball. It is a notoriously fast paced indoor sport which is sure to get your heart racing.

After long periods of leaping, diving, running, sliding and jumping for the ball you are more than likely going to burn quite a few calories.

As well as burning calories this high impact cardio sport will help to improve your lung capacity, heart rate and blood pressure.

This sport is great for couples as it can be played all year round no matter what the weather. Meaning that once you start, nothing can stop you!

Due to the intense nature of the game, squash is great at alleviating stress. Hitting the ball hard against the wall gives the player a sense of relief! Something that is perfect for hard working couples.

As well as playing in a competitive mode, you can play as a team too… meaning that you can double up with another couple.

Working as a team to ‘defeat’ another couple is a great #CoupleWin – something which we all strive to achieve.


Squash | Couples Sports | Stadia Sports

Squash is a great high impact cardio sport for couples.


Cycling is often thought of as a lone sport. The competitive nature often means that it is not seen at all as a sport for couples, however a little bit of healthy competition is always great in any relationship.

Winning boosts your self-esteem and can improve your sense of self-worth! So as long as you are both equally as competitive this should be a great way to encourage each other to improve within this sport.

For those of you who aren’t as competitive- there’s always a tandem bike.

Tandem bikes are great for couples, they encourage couples to work together to accomplish a goal and reach a desired location.

On top of being immensely fun, cycling whether on a single bike, or on a tandem holds a whole host of benefits including weight loss, improving mental well-being and reducing your risk of contracting potentially life threatening diseases.

This cardiovascular exercise is brilliant for couples…

Just remember that when using a tandem bike, in order to reap the benefits, you can’t leave all the work up to your partner – no matter how tempting it might be.

Cycling | Sports for Couples | Stadia Sports

Cycling is a great sport for couples – encouraging cardiovascular exercise.


Badminton is our final sport which we suggest is perfect for couples.

This competitive sport is not as fast paced as some of the other sports which were suggested, meaning that it is a more laid back less competitive option.

Though it’s not quite as intense as Squash, it will still allow players to get a full body cardiovascular workout and is great for encouraging weight loss.

Badminton is a great sport for couples, the nature of the game allows you to play either against each other or as a team encouraging both healthy competition and communication & team work.

Badminton is another indoor sport meaning that no matter what the weather you’re good to play!

After working up an appetite playing a great game of badminton why not grab a bite whilst you’re still alone. You can talk tactics and strategies for your next game or even just enjoy each other’s company …

Badminton| Couples Sports | Stadia Sports

Badminton is a great, fun, sport for couples.

Sport is a great way for couples to interact – and get some alone time away from the pressures and stresses of the outside world.

By engaging in these sports couples can improve their health, lose weight and even improve their agility and flexibility.

On top of these health benefits, couples will also benefit from the social interaction, healthy competition and team working strategies that they will also be engaging it.


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