Top Five Indoor Sports to Keep You Active on Rainy Days

Top Five Indoor Sports which you can Play this Winter | Stadia Sports
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Top Five Indoor Sports to Keep You Active on Rainy Days

Often when we think of playing sports, we imagine being outdoors in the sun with our teammates, friends, family or colleagues.

However, what about the inevitable… it’s raining.

Many of us hang up our trainers, and call off sporting matches as soon as the weather is forecast rain… but there are plenty of fun and exhilarating sports which can be played year round no matter what the weather.

Indoor sports are brilliant for those who aren’t a fan of getting wet or muddy but still want to get their exercise through social sporting activities.

Therefore we have come up with a list of our personal;

Top five indoor sports which you can play this winter.

Badminton | Indoor Sporting Activities


Badminton is a well-known and well-loved sport which has been played for centuries, and enjoyed by all.

This simple game requires between two and four players and involves a shuttlecock being hit over a net with a badminton racquet.

Due to the fact that this sport cannot be played solo, unless you use a shuttlecock rocket, it is a great social sporting activity which allows people to not only improve their fitness but also enable them to improve their social skills too.

Badminton is a great sport when it comes to getting fit. Due to the running, lunging, diving and hitting of the ball, this great sport can burn up to 450 calories per hour!

That is more than the average calorie content of a standard double cheeseburger!

As well as being a great sport for weight loss it is also good for improving your overall fitness too! Badminton is known to improve your athleticism, increase your speed and help with your reflexes!

   Hockey | Indoor Sporting Activities


Hockey is yet another well-known sport, however more often than not hockey when played at schools, usually takes place outside.

This is not necessary as Hockey has been played for years as an indoor sport. Hockey is a great cardiovascular sport, meaning that participating in hockey games will improve both your circulatory and respiratory systems.

Not only that, it will also help you to lose some extra pounds. Hockey burns 0.06 calories per pound of fat, per hour of play. That is a massive amount of calories! This large calorie burn is due to the stop start nature of the game, encouraging a full body interval training workout.

Hockey also is known to improve your hand eye co-ordination as it involves directing a hockey puck into a goal using a specialist hockey stick. This takes a lot of self-control as well as great communication and team work. Making hockey a great team sport!

In addition to indoor Hockey which is played in a sporting hall; hockey is also played on ice. Ice hockey is played as a competitive sport across the world, and is a great sport for children to get involved in.

Futsal | Indoor Sporting Activities


Futsal has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and it has become a great alternative to indoor football. This is due to its lack of restrictions and easy to follow rules.

This game, though similar to football is an amalgamation of a number of different sports. Futsal only requires five players for each side, with one of those players being the goal keeper.

The nature of the small team means that the players have more one on one time with the ball. This therefore helps them to improve their ball skills including, passes, controls, fakes, feints, dribbles and runs. Due to the more tactical strategic nature of the game, younger footballers are advised to play it in order to improve on their skills.

The game is played with a hockey sized goal and a smaller size four ball with a reduced bounce. This means that the player will have greater control over the ball and allows for a more player friendly indoor game.

You can find out more about the further health benefits of Futsal and more about the game in our blog.

Basketball | Indoor Sporting Activities


Basketball is yet another great sport which is enjoyed indoors thus enabling it to be played on even the rainiest of days.

This great sport helps to improve your cardiovascular health. In turn improving your circulation and respiratory system. Further ensuring that even without the health benefits which come from being outdoors, this brilliant sport can improve your overall health!

In addition to this, basketball not only helps to improve fitness but it is also a great sport for weight loss too. The fast paced nature of the game allows players to burn up to 900 calories per hour! That is the average calorie equivalent of a standard foot-long sub-sandwich!

As previously mentioned, basketball is a great way to keep on top of your overall physical health. However, in addition to this basketball, amongst other team sports is actually a great way for boosting emotional and mental well-being too.  Being a sociable team sport, basketball can help you to improve your social skills as well as helping to develop your communication skills too.

Furthermore, on top of all of that, basketball requires a large amount of hand eye co-ordination and by practising this regularly you can help aid in this area of your mental development.

Football | Indoor Sporting Activities

Indoor Football

Football is often played outside even during the winter months, however heavy rain and frozen pitches are enough to delay play or even postpone a game!

(Find out more about the dangers of playing football on a frozen pitch in our blog)

When this happens it is a good idea to keep up your practice using an alternative indoor space. Indoor football comes with similar health benefits to its outdoor alternative. Therefore due to the fast paced nature of the game it can help to improve your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. As well as this engaging in regular football games will help to lower a players body fat as well as improve muscle tone.

Indoor football much like outdoor football is a no contact team sport meaning that players have to use good communication skills in order to successfully score a goal; all of this needs to be done whilst in play! This then encourages quick thinking. Thus helping to develop your mental agility.

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