Stadia Sports launches new range of football training accessories

Stadia Sports launches new range of football training accessories
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Stadia Sports launches new range of football training accessories

Small details can make a big difference. And when it comes to quality football training accessories, the difference can be the final position where your team ranks in the league.
That’s why at Stadia Sports we have expanded our product lines to include equipment which supports the development of all clubs – from grassroots to premier league.
As a UK manufacturer of football goal posts, we wanted to complement our product offering with training accessories to assist teams in their quest to become champions.
Whether it’s a newly formed lads and dads team or a Premier League club, our commitment to delivering high-performing goods to our customers doesn’t waiver.
And knowing the equipment isn’t going to let the side down means everyone from the coach to the star striker can concentrate solely on perfecting technique.

Back to basics

When all focus is on the ball it makes sense to choose a ball with calibre.
Whether it is a match ball or training ball, our Samba Infiniti range harnesses the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to withstand repeated drills.
From the first touch to dribbling and finishing, our football balls deliver consistent performance.
We provide a range of sizes too, just like our football goals, to encourage home grown talent to rise through the ranks.
And with value for money among our priorities, all our products are made to last. We’ve even got storage and transportation covered with our sacks, available in two sizes, and we also offer ball pumps to keep all equipment in top working order.
For improvements in every aspect of the game, go back to basics and invest in quality footballs.

Drills and skills

Sometimes the most simple pieces of kit are the most effective.
That’s why we’re offering a collection of pieces that are easy to assemble, straightforward in function and capable of bringing about impressive improvements.
Getting set up and out on the field is an uncomplicated process thanks to products such as our 4m speed ladder or marker cones.
These support the practise of fundamental movement combinations to improve speed and agility.
For drills which require multiple changes of direction and explosive exercises, the ladder and marker cones are a must.
They can be incorporated into training programmes for footballers of all ages and ability.
We now have flat marker sets for sale and boundary poles which can be used either in drills or for dividing up pitches into areas for different exercises.
The agility hurdle steps up the training session another notch. An incredibly popular training aid they help players to improve their acceleration and stride rate.
They also aid balance and coordination techniques – key skills which can also help to reduce the risk of injury out in the field.
For a powerful and dynamic team, these manoeuvres are vital. And when the basics are nailed and it comes to fine tuning and precision, our Pep Pro Mannequin set is perfect for a complete coaching programme.

Fantastic all-round performance

Recovery is also important and we’ve bolstered our range with medical kits and refills.
Our Pro Medical Kit covers the FA recommended minimum requirement and is brilliant for larger clubs and schools.
Designed for dealing with minor football-related injuries, the Academy Medi Kit is useful home and away while the Mini Medi Kit is a must for all grounds.

To view our full range of football training equipment and accessories visit the new section on our website or call our friendly team of sports supplies specialists. At Stadia Sports, we’ve got your game.

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