How Stadia Sports supports fitness resolutions that are easy to keep

How Stadia Sports supports fitness resolutions that are easy to keep
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How Stadia Sports supports fitness resolutions that are easy to keep

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we believe in setting goals that can be achieved.
Maintaining motivation is so much easier when taking part in sports becomes a lifestyle rather than an obligation.
With a customer base that spans schools, leisure centres, clubs and individuals, we want to help as many people as possible to fall in love with fitness.
And just a few pieces of the right equipment can set children and adults on the path to sporting success.
So here’s our guide to realistic resolutions that are easy to keep with Stadia Sports.

1.       Make a vow to adopt a healthy habit

Instead of setting impossible physical challenges or weight loss targets, focusing on adopting a regular training habit is easier to accomplish.
Simple behaviours are more manageable and take less effort to learn. And once training becomes a routine, then there is always an opportunity to refocus the goal.
For this reason, we supply sports equipment that is suitable for users of all abilities, and at various stages of progression.
Our javelins are suitable for use in competitions and in training, ranging from 400g to 800g. The same goes for our shots and discus.
For venues encouraging more take-up of football or trying to get a new team or league off the ground, we supply a range of training or pop-up goals. Pitches can be upgraded with steel football goals or aluminium goals once viable.
Even our basketball goals and rings are graded to offer value for money for those starting out in the sport as well as established teams.

2.       Make a vow to have fun

Sport is to be enjoyed if participants are to keep coming back. Team sports in particular offer a great opportunity to socialise and have fun, while working out with a buddy helps to keep regimes on track.
Making friends when joining a new club or team will also turn training into something to look forward to. And arranging to meet others makes it harder to duck out of exercise.
Venue infrastructure can support the community side of sports and leisure clubs. And as part of the Broxap Street Furniture group of companies we can offer a wide range of products to keep facilities up to scratch.
As well as cloakroom equipment, we can provide seating, fencing, signage and even parklets to encourage members to spend time together off the pitch.
Our shelters and dug outs protect staff, players and supporters and if family events are on the schedule, we can even supply play equipment to keep little ones active.

3.       Make a vow to practise self-care

If a New Year’s resolution to take up a new sport doesn’t work out it isn’t a fail – finding a form of exercise that is fun and easy to fit into a schedule may take a little time.
Small, positive changes all help to boost endorphins. It might be that a talent for tennis is discovered or that hockey is just the thing for busting stress.
Volleyball, netball, cricket or badminton – at Stadia Sports we’ve got your game. In fact we pride ourselves on being able to supply premium specialist sports equipment at a competitive price, ideally suited to everyone from young enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.
And if a resolution to take part in more sport is a success, rewarding progress with new kit is much more effective – and productive - than splurging on sweet treats.

Shop the full range of Stadia Sports products here or get in touch with our team to discuss your sports equipment needs and help clients, members and students keep to those 2022 resolutions.  

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