A new standard for football goals

A new standard for football goals
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A new standard for football goals

The new standard for football goals is here – and you can rely on Stadia Sports to ensure your facilities make the grade.
The European-wide standard is designed to improve the safety of football goal posts across the board.
The new code, BS EN 16579, replaces two older standards and will also cover rugby posts.
At Stadia Sports, we manufacture both football goals and rugby posts on site at our North Staffordshire fabrication plant where we ensure our high calibre products meet the new certification.

Goal Post Standard BS EN 16579

The new standard replaces BS 8462 and BS 8461 and sits alongside the existing standard for senior football goal posts BS EN 748.
This existing standard will continue to be used for senior goals and 5m x 2m goal posts which weigh more than 42kg in total.
The new standard will cover every other size of goal such as junior and mini soccer goals as well as senior goals and 5m x 2m goals which weigh in under 42kg.
You can read our blog on choosing the right size goal for your team in our resources section here.

Improved football goal posts from Stadia Sports

How does the new BS EN 16579 standard improve football goals and rugby posts?
The new standard’s main aims are to eliminate all risk of finger, head and neck entrapments and to provide more comprehensive guidance on the use and maintenance of equipment. The entrapment guidance is based on that originally specified in BS EN 913 for gymnastics equipment.
The standard for playground equipment, BS EN 1176, is also very similar.
As part of the Broxap group of companies, which includes playground manufacturer Hand Made Places and outdoor gym supplier Sunshine Gym, here at Stadia Sports we are experienced in these existing sets of guidance.
We are reducing the mesh size in our football goal nets so that it is much safer. Our new mesh size for goal safety will be 95 mm², making it less likely to cause hand entrapment than the previous 120 mm² design, although this size is still in stock for use with senior goals.
A brand new wheel design has been adopted for our wheel-away goals. This is based on the same principle as our previous product but is now much easier to operate and meets the requirements of BS EN 16579.
A full coverage net clip system is also available. Goals traditionally have a gap or ‘channel’ at the rear which can create a risk of finger entrapment. All our aluminium goals will have our new net clip system which completely covers any such gap.

Safety standards for rugby posts

There never used to be a safety standard for rugby posts. That’s why BS EN 16579 now covers rugby posts as well.
This will allow greater control from a safety point of view. Until very recently, DIY goals were often a preferred solution as they didn’t need to be tested and offered a low-cost equipment option. This posed a great risk for rugby players and spectators.
All rugby goals must now be tested against the requirements of the new goal standard, BS EN 16579.

Good foundations for a safer sports pitch

However well designed and well manufactured your goal is, a poor installation can compromise the safety of the entire pitch. The British safety standard now includes new minimum requirements for the foundations of socketed goals.
At Stadia Sports, we’ve always given our advice for installation based on individual ground conditions.
Our experts will continue to do this. In addition, we supply installation guidelines to specify the minimum foundations required for football goal post and rugby post sockets. We’re using the new safety standard to help make pitches safer, pushing back against poor installations.

Stadia Sports quality promise

The easiest way to ensure any newly purchased goalposts are up to the latest standards is to choose a SAPCA member company, like Stadia Sports, when selecting a supplier.
All of our sales advisers are fully trained to provide the best possible advice to our customers. We always aim to offer the most effective product for its intended application.
Our range of football goals and rugby posts have been fully tested and certified to BS EN 16579 and BS EN 748.
We will only sell goals following an independent test. This is to give our customers the confidence that Stadia Sports is a supplier that can be trusted to provide the right products, at the right price, ready for kick off.

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