Equipment Used In Track and Field

Our track and field equipment consists of an extensive range of accessories such as track markers and marker conesbreakline flags, and judges’ stands. From utilising our athletic track equipment you can ensure training sessions and events run efficiently and fairly.

Track and field equipment is perfect for use in athletic activities such as the shot putjavelin and running events where take off markers may be required.


High quality athletics equipment...

All of Stadia’s athletic accessories are manufactured to the highest quality. Within our range, we stock products from well-established brands such as Nordic Sport. Both their products and our own comply with IAAF regulations meaning they’re perfect for both training and competition standards.

Browse the full range of athletic equipment today or contact us for more information about the products we supply. We’re always happy to help with your sporting needs.

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  1. IAAF Certified Relay Batons
    IAAF Certified Relay Batons
    From £7.95
  2. Winner's Stand
    Winner's Stand
  3. Stadium Judges Stands - Six Steps for 12 Judges
    Stadium Judges Stands
    From £1,995.00
  4. Mini Megaphone
    Mini Megaphone
  5. Stiff Broom
    Stiff Broom
  6. Warning Horn
    Warning Horn
  7. 4" Flexible Cones
    4" Flexible Cones
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9 Items

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