Steeplechase Barriers

What is steeplechase?
Steeplechase is a race for athletes over the age of thirteen. Competitors cover a distance of either 1500m, 2000m or 3000m in which they complete five jumps per lap including a water jump. We supply a range of Steeplechase Equipment including replacement legs and barriers, water jump base kit, and splash guards.


Steeplechase hurdle height requirements...

The IAAF and UKA rules state that the hurdles used during a steeplechase race must be a minimum of 3.94m wide. However, the choice of width usually varies throughout the race.

The first hurdle is usually 5m wide due to athletes arriving at it closer together than when they arrive at the subsequent hurdles. Over the course of the race athletes will naturally spread out more and there won’t be a need for the hurdle to be as wide. The 2nd, 3rd and 5th hurdle are all 4m wide. The 4th hurdle is the water jump and is usually 3.66m wide.


Who can use our steeplechase equipment?

All of our steeplechase hurdles are height adjustable meaning they can be raised or lowered in order to suit the competitor’s age range and ability. This means that Stadia steeplechase barriers are appropriate for use in professional contexts and during school P.E lessons.


How to maintain our steeplechase equipment...

Want to learn how to maintain your steeplechase equipment such as the hurdles and track itself that is used in the race? Here’s a link to our athletics equipment maintenance guide.

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